Sun, Feb


With September 2nd approaching, T&T English-based midfielder Andre Boucaud is gearing himself for the crucial 2018 World Cup qualifier against Guatemala at the Hasely Crawford Stadium.

A draw will push T&T through to the Hexagonal round which begins in November but T&T faces the United States on September 6 and perfect results in both matches will see T&T top the semi final group ahead of the Americans.

“Yeah of course we’d love to top the group, like many people didn’t expect us to come out of the Gold Cup group ahead of Mexico but for me, the main thing is getting the result against Guatemala to take us into the Hex,” Boucaud said.

“Everyone knows how hard we’ve worked to get here and there’s no way we can expect Guatemala to come home and make it easy for us because they have a good chance as well,” he added.

“The last three games for us weren’t pretty but I think once we come in with the best possible team again and we get the right build up then we can go into the Guatemala game at home knowing that it’s ours for the taking. That is the kind of positive approach we must have, get the right result and then go to the US and try to finish the group on top.

“At the moment I’m getting myself ready for the new season ahead with Dagenham. We’re into preseason now, working hard so by the time I come to Trinidad for the game I should be all fired up for it,” Boucaud said.

T&T are on 10 points, three ahead of the US with Guatemala in third place with six points and St Vincent in the bottom place without a point. So far only Mexico has assured its place in the CONCACAF Final phase which begins in November. If T&T tops the semi-final group they will open the Final stage at home to Mexico.