Sat, Dec


THE EDITOR: I have heard the bleating sounds coming from the camp of the national football team and was wondering if football fans are being taken for a goat ride.

I find it hard to understand national football coach Stephen Hart’s approach to dealing “internally” with a serious matter of indiscipline involving three members of the team, Joevin Jones, Kevin Molino and Mekeil Williams, who broke camp and went on a boat ride to pock it, rock it and bend down low, ahead of the World Cup qualifier against Guatemala.

Football fans learned, through the media, that the trio was heavily fined and the matter dealt with “internally”. Am I to believe that once the matter was dealt with that was that? I say that Hart and the TT Football Association (TTFA) have a responsibility to fans and taxpayers, whose dollars support the team, to always account even if it is the good, the bad or the ugly.

President of the TTFA, David John Williams, cannot be talking about transparency and being open and a matter is handled “internally”. Football supporters are not beh behs. This matter could have been handled with a simple press release the following day, stating the facts and the fines and the penalty for future indiscretions by any player.

Just like in the match against the US, Hart has blundered.

The US qualifier in Florida is a telling view of how not to play football. The basics were lacking.

All that was missing were alcoholic drinks, and a pot of pelau. Did I hear someone say it was a fete match? Hart and some players must either shape up or ship out.