Mon, Jul

Defender Brent Sancho will be out for three weeks before he can return to action following a reoccurring hamstring injury which forced him out of this country’s upcoming back to back World Cup qualifying matches against Panama and Mexico.

Sancho, who was originally in the squad for the matches,  phoned the T&T camp during T&T’s training session at the National Stadium in Panama on Wednesday evening  “just to get a feel of how things were going”.

He says the period since the injury last Saturday when he pulled up during action for English club Gillingham, has been a testing one for him. He will have undergo  rehab which will include strengthening of the hamstring and straightening of his pelvis - basin-like area outlined by the hip bones and the vertebral column

“It has surely been one of the worse weeks of my career so far having to sit back here and not be able to do anything with the team for these two games,” Sancho told TTFF Media.

“Is just a case of leaving up to the boys now to take care of business on the pitch. I know they can definitely pull it off but it would be so much better if I could play some role. But as it is now, there’s nothing I can really do about that now,” he added.

“I would give anything to be part of it now,” he said.

The former Dundee player is expected to make the trip home though to be with the “boys” and witness Wednesday’s match against Mexico.