Sat, Nov


This advice started when I was growing up. My parents kept reminding me to avoid snap decisions and study the details before making a judgment.

When I heard the news of the dismissal of Stephen Hart, the coach of the Soca Warriors senior men’s team on Thursday night, despite the numerous bits of unofficial rumours coming from the mouths of insiders, the decision was not surprising.

Now that it has occurred, we must ask ourselves questions regarding the next productive move from the head office.

Today, our national team has no coach, which means that all training sessions are placed upon the players, who are all residing in various parts of the world and are immediately wondering if they are still in line for selection or not.

Since we lost to Honduras, it has been 10 days that we could have restarted some type of plans for the March encounter against Panama and Honduras.

I suppose the search for a replacement is on the front burner, a decision which should take serious discussion in order to find someone who knows the current players at home and abroad, their playing styles, their behavioural patterns and their commitment to represent the country, which are features that often appear to be apprehensive to the naked eye.

Do we have any qualified coaches residing in this country to satisfy the greed for success needed by the “Technical committee”.

Our desire to seek foreign employees has been used in the past, most times without utilizing due process which is requested by our immigration and labour departments and laws.

Of course, the rules were moved aside and Beenhakker, Otto Pfister and a few foreigners who crept in silently, probably started their duties without work permits. This was a practice used even for foreign coaches to be employed by local clubs.

In this regard, I must hope that applications from anyone local or foreign, be requested and interviewed before making what will then be the right choice, based upon their qualifications.

Hart strengthened his desire with his experience which he earned abroad and gave his best effort to build a team with the bricks, metal and a confused mindset of human service, that was spread around the world and brought to him days before kick off.

Forgive me for having little confidence in the selection of the coach based on their knowledge of the limited ingredients needed for choosing coaches.

My next question is, who will be chosen and for what length of time? Remember, Hart was fired for losing two consecutive matches against two of the strong teams in the hex.

What if the TTFA seek the expertise of the Jose Mourinho, Pep Guadiola, or some lesser mortal like Rene Simoes or and others and they lost the first two matches in March, what will be our next step, taking into consideration, the astronomical salary which they will ask?

This means the amount of three to four million dollars for six months work and we still have to find money to honour the commitment for the next six matches.

At this point, I will dream of another plan forward after knowing the person who will take our football towards “ a methodical and beneficial route to the future”.