Sat, Aug

Soca Chutney star Adesh Samaroo has launched a jingle in tribute to the “Warriors” qualifying quest for the 2006 World Cup in Germany.

The Soca Chutney item “Go Soca Warriors Go” was written by Carl Ramdeo, managing director of Advertising Associations which is the company behind Samaroo’s concert “Thanks for Life” at Skinner Park on November 12. Also assisting Samaroo with the vocals is Papa Steve who performed the song at the launch held at HCU Admin building, Chaguanas last Friday.

The Soca Chutney champion in conjunction with JMC Entertainment  and Advertising Associates will also be giving away bumper stickers promoting their concert and the “Warriors” match against Bahrain on November 12.

“For all the prayers and support that I have received from the people of Trinidad and Tobago following the accident I was involved in, I think this was the best way for me to come out and say thanks and show my patriotism towards the people and the team,” Samaroo said.

“We are a people who love to jump and wave and on November 12 at the Stadium for every goal that we score on Bahrain, I just want to see hands and flags in the air supporting our team. We must show the world what our spirit is about.”

He also thanked TTFF Special Advisor Jack Warner for his show of support during the time he spent in hospital after crashing in a wall at the front of the Emerald Plaza which is owned by the FIFA Vice President.

“I want to say a special thank you to Mr Jack Warner because I was the reason he had to fix back his wall. But he is a great man, he supported me a great deal and he visited me in the hospital,” Samaroo added.

Advertising Associates also hinted that fans attending the match at the Stadium will be entitled to specials at Samaroo’s concert which starts at 9pm at Skinner Park on the night of the World Cup qualifier.

Some of the lyrics from Samaroo’ s jingle goes like this: “Red white and black you know we on the attack, red white and black you know we not turning back. Red, white and black we supporting T&T. Red White and Black we going up Germany.  The spirit of our land must never die. The power of my people this is a rally cry. Soca Warriors is proud you making we, so come out in your numbers and bring your family. We scoring goals like first time one, two, three, T&T thanks for life… we going Germany”

Samaroo's jingle joins others now out on the market from the likes of Maximus Dan and most recent from Superblue.