“WARRIORS”- midfielder Aurtis Whitley created quite an uproar when he sprung a surprise visit on his alma mater, the Barataria RC School last Wednesday.

And it was pandemonium when the talented national soccer star, who also plays for CL Financial Jabloteh, stepped into the school and was introduced to the students by principal Ulric Persad.

Whitley, who was outstanding in the field during the recent game against Mexico which TnT won 2 –1 and which left the country with the last chance to qualify for Germany 2006, told TnT Mirror he was humbled by the experience.

“Mr. Persad taught me in one of the lower classes and he has always told me he how proud he is of my achievements, so far,” said Whitley.

“He said he was glad to see I made something of my life.”

Whitley said he owed the school the visit for a long time.

“I just decided to take Mr. Persad by surprise today,” Whitley added.

Persad told Mirror he was thrilled to have Whitley visit the school.

“Personally, I think he has done extremely well as a footballer and the school is very proud of him,” said Persad.

“He has kept on the right track and I think that he is a good example for the students.”