Thu, Aug

There has been a lot speculation about my future in international football and I want to set the record straight.

It is true that I may qualify to play for Trinidad and Tobago. I was born in Trinidad and it would make me proud to play for them. Yes, I have played for England Under-21s, but there may be a possibility that I'm able to switch allegiance.

I am sure some people will accuse me of jumping on the bandwagon, but I only think that would be the case if I said I wanted to play for them only after they had qualified for the World Cup. In fact, I would like to contribute in their efforts to qualify. I was born in Trinidad and it would make me proud to play for them.

As it stands they haven't made it yet, and they are not sure to get through. I want them to qualify, but if they don't it does not mean I will regret my decision. I feel Trinidadian and want to play for them.

It would be a dream to make my debut against Bahrain in the World Cup play-off next week. This could be possible if I'm proved eligible to play, because there is no truth whatsoever in the story that Aston Villa are preventing me from playing for my country. I spoke to our assistant manager Roy Aitken and he said the club had no problem with it, and were just waiting for official confirmation. He was all for it.

The team is doing well and they are in with a good chance of beating Bahrain, but I hope I can bring something different to the side than what they've already got if everything comes together. I've been playing in the Premiership for a long time, and am the only Trinidadian playing at that level at the moment, so I'd like to think I could bring some experience and added quality to the side.

I've spoken to the Trinidad and Tobago assistant manager and he's been very positive as well. He's been to see me play a few times, and I believe he liked what he saw, so hopefully everything will come off and I'll get to play next week.

On the domestic front, things didn't go very well against Manchester City last night. The result was disappointing and I was hauled off at half-time. I definitely feel I was made a scapegoat. We all make mistakes, and you need time to put them right, but I didn't get that.

Football is all about confidence and the more time you are on the field, the more confident you become. And that's what I need at the moment - game time - because my confidence isn't as sky high as it should be.

I didn't talk to the manager about it, because at the end of the day it's his decision. And also in the heat of the moment, things can come out wrong so I thought it best not to say anything. I'll just knuckle down now and try and make sure I'm in the starting line-up for Liverpool at the weekend.