Sun, Jul

The T&T football team could look significantly different from the one which defeated Bahrain when it takes the field in its first World Cup game in Germany.

This was confirmed by Special Adviser to the T&T Football Federation Austin Jack Warner who revealed that TTFF has already applied to

Fifa for West Ham striker Bobby Zamora and Fulham FC footballer Anthony Warner to play for T&T and has also appealed Fifa’s decision to dis-allow an earlier application from Aston Villa left back defender Jlloyd Samuel.

Warner said: “We have not closed the door to any player and I can tell you that we have gone to Fifa and requested permission to allow Bobby Zamora and Anthony Warner to play for us while we have appealed the decision against Jlloyd Samuel.”

The Concacaf President who left yesterday to witness the drawing for next year’s World Cup said local players in the Professional Football League as well as other players who qualify to play for this country will be considered.

“A coach will be looking at the local players in action to see if any of them can make the team and also a scout will be looking at footballers playing in the US to see if they can also make the team.