THE EDITOR: Open letter to Terry Fenwick, the T&T senior team head coach.

You have always sought after the job of national football coach of the men’s team. Congratulations!

However, let me remind you that it’s a thankless job and long knives will be drawn at your back. My view is that if you try to play superman, you will fail. You need to listen to good advice, some of which I intend to impart here.

I am always in favour of the senior team being a blend of youth and experience. I advise you to use the Star Trek tagline and “boldly go where no man has gone before.”

Introduce young players in the team. Since the retirement of Dwight Yorke and Russell Latapy, we have not seen a young player to excite football lovers. The closest is Kevin Molino. However, there are many young and exciting players from the Secondary Schools Football League.

Here are some names to look at: Seon Shipley, Jardel St Clair, Nathaniel Perouse, Jeron Pantor, Isaiah Chase, Mark Ramdeen, Isa Bramble, Declan Marcelle, Molik Khan, Akeel Jacob, Jordan Riley, Che Benny, Teeson Teresa, and Judah St Louis.

UTT’s Michael Holder is another exciting prospect.

May I remind you the football public expects to see development in your team. At this rebuilding stage, you will lose matches and you will win some. Canada is your first test. Go brave and best of luck.


Port of Spain

SOURCE: T&T Newsday