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TrinInfinite speaks with Kerwyn "Hardest" Jemmott.

Are you currently training and how often are you training?
Everyday im playing, and running. But most of the time I train with the football, it doesnt leave me, I remember when training under BSC we would do drills with the ball to get comfortable with dribbling and running with it. Every chance i get to sweat, I sweat.

Are you playing with any particular team or teams?
I was playing with Caledonia but now I am playing with Crab Connection, but the season done, so I not training or playing anymore with the team.

I know there are a lot of people supporting you and urging you to play,but are you willing and fully committed to play for the national squad in the 2006 World Cup?
I am willing and committed, that wasn't the thing, I want to make a difference on the team, God willing they will give me a call and tell me to try out. When Beenhakker became coach, I went to the trials for the team, when I got there, the Manager told me I wasn't on the list, but Theobald and the rest were. So I just rest back and I am now waiting to see if they call me.

Is it true that Yorke and Latas have requested for you to be on the team?
Yes, but nothing happen," Latas personally talked to me", he asked me, boy why yuh giving trouble, why the TTFF call me, I'm 37 years old and they calling me, you suppose to be the man they calling, you suppose to be on the team; Hardest reiterated what Latas said, "the TTFF not supposed to be calling me back, you suppose to be the man". When Latas come back, I will call him,because Denzil have the number, if not ah hope he call me.

Are you close with Denzil Theobald and do you train together?
TrinInfinite- Denzil was sitting next to him through the entire interview, when I aksed this question he asked me if I want to speak to Theobald, I said when I call back if he's there.
Back to Hardest- He right here, all the time with me, me and Denzil does live in the same building.

Do you think you can make this squad?
Once I get a trial and I'm training hard with the team, I could make the team. I was on the national teams before in the earlies before they made the World Cup.

What will you bring to the current squad to improve their chances in the World Cup?
Plenty, watching the games I notice the passing and possession missing from the team, I don't see nobody that can hold the ball and pass it, only a few men I saw. I hear Beenhakker want possession on the team, this is my game.

There have been many who have spoke of your lack of commitment and lack of discipline, what are your comments on this?
That's just talk, "it's up to me", I said again, I went to train and my name wasn't on the list, so I back off and just waiting.
TrinInfinite: I asked him who was responsible for the list, he mentioned one of Jack's friends, a fellah names Phillips, I dont know if there is another Phillips on the team, but he said Phillips for the last name.

Are you ready mentally and physically for the WC and long afterwards?
I have always been, as long as I am training and Im on the team I will be ready, again he said "It's really up to me".

Just for argument sake, if you don't make the squad, what are your plans for the future as a footballer?
TrinInfinite- In my heart, I didnt want tuh ask de man dis question but I did. I never doubted once that he couldnt make it but I asked.

Back to Hardest- "I can't say nothing again, he sounded disheartened, he continued, I might leave this place and go outside, I wouldnt give up. I want to get out of here, too much killing and bad things happening, I want tuh leave this place".

Why were you away from the national squad so long?
I got injured, with my hamstring; Hardest went on, I played with the team when BSC was there, in the earlies, when we played against the  Dominican Republic and them.

What kind of relationship do you have with Bertille St.Clair, do you have issues with him?
None, they use to say he was like my father, he laughed; He gave me my exposure on the team, he was the man that discovered me and brought me on the side.

When will you start training with the national team if you make the squad?
Ah hear it was starting in january, but TTFF didnt call me or nothing, I not sure exactly when we starting the training, but ah hear the locals will be in training. I hoping they call me, God willing, God is de boss.

Has Beenhakker seen you play recently or any of the current coaching staff?
Never, none of them.

What are your strengths and wekanesses as a footballer?
I need tuh get fitter, that is my only weakness. my strengths are my passing and possession, breaking down the defenders and causing the defense trouble.

Have you improved since your last appearance on the national team?
I'm more mature now than before, more experienced, I've been playing since 1998, Denzil use to watch me play, I'm the one that tell the coaches I had a youth that could play, so I took him to them through the help of BSC.
TrinInfinite- so he get he moves from you, Hardest laughed and said yea, he watch meh moves and he learn.

What is your goal for the WC and the future?
Perform, ah want a scout to see me, buy me as a player, really I want to get out of trinidad, it ent nice, the place in a mess, he said again, too much people getting kill.

Which team would you most love to play for if you were to get signed internationally?
I would love to play in England, ah want the english scouts to see me, playing for Arsenal would be my dream, i like arsenal, i like them.

Who is your favorite player and what player would you recommend for the team, other than yourself?
Zidane, Zidane is my favorite player. I think dwarika should be on the squad, people saying he old but he can make the squad, he should be there.

Have you heard of
Yea, mih padnah tell me about the site, but I hear about it before.

What would you like to say to your supporters and your doubters?
Look out for me, I will keep it strong, I just waiting and hoping TTFF call me, but ah love meh fans.
TrinInfinite- whappen to those people who doubt you?
Hardest- God is de boss

Whats your favorite food?
Sunday food, pie, callaloo, bake chicken.

What do you do in your spare time?
Lime, daiz all really.

How did you get hardest?
I can't really remember exactly you give me that name yuh know, but since a small, since i was 9 years old i getting on hard, ah always get on dredd, it was rastaman dada who ah play for with the Trendsetter Hawks from around the area.

What do you think about our opponents in the World Cup and what will you do to those teams if given a chance?
we could come through the second rounds, we could beat these teams, once we running we will win, we have better skill than them, they just have normal skills, fundamentals, they were there before but we now come they, but we will still have a chance to win, once you step on that pitch is eleven vs. eleven.
All I could say is I will do meh bess and let God do the ress, do my best in training and be fit for the games.

Which player can you identify with, in terms of caliber and style?
I watched Latas alot, in Trinidad they know me as "The Zidane of Trinidad".

Additional info:
Hardest talked about that he never passed common entrance but went to Belmont Junior Sec, a friend named Solo used to help him through. After this he played U-18 and then went to Malick and from there people started noticing his skill.

Whether allyuh like it or not, dey man have skill and he dedicated, I hope and prayer the TTFF give him a chance and include on the list this time around, because he is a man that can make a difference.

At the end of the interview I said "doh give up and prove the people who doubt you wrong", he say "yea brother I go do my bess and hopefully I will get that call to be on the team".