Thu, Sep

Well I talked to Hardest today again, some interesting information in this interview, that will take many by surprise. It is no longer an issue of discipline or training or lack of commttment. I its a matter of football coaches, managers and hidden agendas and some dirty politics.

How was your experience with Caledonia, why did you leave?
The team and the players weren't performing, they didn't want to win, I tried motivating them and telling them we could beat the big teams, but they only studied getting paid by Fire, as long as they were paid, they were satisfied with the money, winning and being first wasn't their goal nah. I lost interest in playing, it wasn't a challenge for me because the others were not giving their all, i tried but they never listened. Most of the time I wasn't playing, I wasn't training, ah spent a lot of time on the bench, I ended up leaving for Crab Connection.

I played 15 games and started about 8-9 of the games.

Here comes the statement that just had me speechless for minutes:

" When ah was playing for Caledonia, I was notified that Beenhakker was coming to see me play in a game against Jabloteh, Jamal Shabazz the coach of Caledonia "BENCHED" me for this game, I was like, what de jail is dis! I never got to play and Beenhakker never saw me play. This was the only time and chance I had for Beenhakker to see me play, Shabazz tried to justify this move by saying he changes his rotation regularly"." I say again readers, Shabazz benched Hardest for the game, fully well knowing Beenhakker came especially to see Hardest play".

Caledonia ended up losing this game to Jabloteh.

Tell me about your experience with Crab Connection and Jabloteh.
We came second in the league(crab connection), they played hard, but plenty players had two jobs, they hardly got time to train and practise together, but we still came 2nd in the league. You don't know the kind of things that does go on in the leagues.

Ah play with Jabloteh, me and the coach had a fallout, I got injured and the coach didn't care to get me good treatment and help me to rehabilitate. Ricky Hill signed me onto Jabloteh, but when he left, the coach who took over never did anything for me.

What happened to your stint with Oxford United?
No work permit, ah didn't get through, they said I didn't have enough caps for the national team. Me and Nigel Pierre went to Oxford United, but Pierre manager wanted him to go to Bristol Rovers instead.

After that, the scout called from England and said we ent have enough caps. But it didn't make sense, I had more caps than Carlos Edwards and Hector Sam, I was on the national team before them, but because they were playing for bigger teams with links they get through.

Jack Warner sent me and Pierre, this is when we were at Joe Public, I stayed there, but a club from Yugoslavia also requested for us to come and play there but nothing ever happened.

People say I dont train, but I does train, they trying to blame it on me always, making it look like is all my fault, you know people does talk, "spreading propaganda".

Hardest restated: People doh know what going on, I not begging for a chance, I have my pride, if they want meh tuh play, come and ask me or call me, I not going to beg them.

Do you think the TTFF and the Football authorities do enough for the youths and players in the ghetto?
They don't look out enough for the ghetto, it have real talented players that can get on, they need the opportunity, but juss doh have the links like other players do.

You see real talent in the minor leagues, around we area and in laventille, players that need grooming, the TTFF should look for the talent, for the future too, the youthmen need to stay away from the guns, they have the talent to do so.

Right now I have a smallie that ah grooming, "Heston Small", he's 15 years old, he could real play, he playing like a big man, he's a midfielder going Piccadilly EC, ah trying to groom him because he have it.

Which players would you most want to play with in the midfield for the WC?
The White Boy, Birchall ah want to play with, he works hard, Aurthis also, playing with both of them, and of course "De Boss", you know who that is, Latas..

What was your best game you ever played?
Newcastle, for sure it was this game, (with a smile), the coach from England write meh up in a article, this was when I was playing with Joe Public.

Hardest went on- ah do it to Newcastle(smiling), ah give it to Solano, the fellah from Peru nah, he play for Aston Villa afterwards.

Aside: Hardest also said it was good talk, about going to the gym and running more miles in the mornings, he said its coming close to the try-outs and he said he know what he need tuh do.

All in all, Hardest is the bess player in Trinidad, then Dwarika, Hardest definately should be on the team and will make a big impact, God willing he is given a fair chance. Hardest no longer plays small goal, he only playing big goal and as Hardest said, "It is the world stage, scouts watching, everyones watching, I ready".