Sun, Feb

Head Coach Terry Fenwick conducts a training session in Orlando, FL on January 30th 2021

Even before the first goal in the second minute it was obvious that the Trinidad and Tobago footballers had not practised as a team, but had been pulled individually from their overseas teams, resulting in lack of cohesion.

Admitting that you may have made a mistake, Mr Fenwick, does not cut it. That’s not what someone coaching at international level is paid to do.

As the disastrous game continued I recalled that 60-plus years ago, we had witnessed many Intercol games between St Mary’s and QRC with performances where the players were a well knit unit and provided more exciting teamwork from the first minute.

No offence to last Sunday’s team as it was totally not their fault, but they looked like a “pick-up” side, obviously unaccustomed to playing as a team, while the Americans knew exactly where to find each other, the spaces and definitely the goal.

But that’s what coaches are there for and maybe Mr Fenwick should have concentrated, like a Gally Cummings or Bertille St Clair, on preparing a team which looked like a team. No excuses.

And now moving forward, please forget the suggestion of “we’ve got a lot of players all over the world that I would also like to see” for the serious stuff coming down the line as far as World Cup qualifiers go.

Leave the coming together and recognition of mistakes on and off the field for the football fields right here in Trinidad and Tobago, but do not to spend all that money to bring players from other parts of the world to the United States to tell us, “This is a learning curve.”

That is unacceptable, Mr Fenwick.

SOURCE: T&T Express