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Former sportsman Brian Bain served his Arima Borough in the sports disciplines of cricket, football and basketball and was manager of his Arima community steelband.

The sporting fraternity in Arima went into shock when it was revealed that outstanding sportsman Brian Bain died at the Eric Williams Medical Science Complex on Sunday, July 25 seven days after his 72nd birthday.

Brian hailed from a prominent family and lived on Pro Queen Street which was well known for producing outstanding sportsmen who represented Arima at various sporting disciplines and national teams.

He was known as an outstanding footballer having represented Queen’s Royal College (QRC), Queen’s Park and Essex as a brilliant goalkeeper. He also formed part of the national team.

Brian was flashy on the field and a joy to watch as a custodian having displayed great skills and athleticism between the uprights.

Following his stint in Port-of-Spain Brian wore the Ramsbottom jersey in the Arima Football League (AFL) for many years and earned several accolades due to his outstanding performances which played a major role in his team winning the League title.

It is believed that he got his goalkeeping skills from his elder brother Brendan who also had a stint in the same capacity at QRC.

The brothers held the spotlight in the AFL competitions because many times they were on opposing teams - Brian for Ramsbottom and Brendan saved for Fulham.

Their father C.Z. Bain would often be present when the games were played but it was known that he did not allow any rivalry at home. The father was also well known in the sporting arena at the national level having officiated at several cricket games both test matches and regional games. Sports was part of the Bain DNA.

Arima was a mecca for sports. The Bain brothers lived among their neighbour's brothers Sheldon and Larry Gomes, track and field stars Ainsley Armstrong and Anthony Husbands, Lawn Tennis champions Collin Auguste and his brother and Michael Paul. Football was represented by Christopher Cummings. It was the Golden age for sports in Arima. Camaraderie and competition. No doubt it was during that period that Brian honed his passion for fair play.

Current West Indies cricket coach Phil Simmons also hails from the area known as “The neighbourhood” along with Sports Administrator the late Eustace Draper and his son Gordon who was a government minister.

Speaking for the sporting community, close friend Wayne Ruiz said it is really a very sad time having lost outstanding sportsmen like Prince Bartholomew, Sheldon Gomes, Cliff Bertrand and now Brian.

Apart from his stint as a professional footballer, Brian was a Banker and Insurance Agent and he also served as an Administrator for Arima United and Memphis Football teams.

It is difficult to encapsulate the measure of such a man as Brian Bain but prominent Arimians such as Neil Giuseppi captured his personality “He was the centrepiece of any lime among the boys, and he was loved by all. To use a worn cliche, while he walked with kings, he never lost the common touch.”

Former Mayor, current MP for D’Abadie O’Meara Lisa Morris-Julian articulated our grief “Arima is in deep mourning for the loss of our Gens De Arime. Brian Bain was a general and gentleman. A friend to all, enemy to none...” Valerie Laurent- Thomas wished him well “Blessed travels my darling Brian...there will be rejoicing at your arrival.”

His brother Dr. Brendon Bain will be coming home from Jamaica to face his brother on the opposing side for the last time.

Condolences are extended to his devoted wife Carol, beloved sister Carol and the rest of his family.

Ashton Ford
Former Mayor of Arima 

SOURCE: T&T Guardian