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Warriors Reloaded gets up close and personal with Khaleem Hyland. The highly sought after midfielder has recently been making waves on the international stage and getting a hold of him proved to be a difficult task. Now a free agent, Hyland has finally found some time to bring us up to date on his career and personal life.

Playing football has made him a household name, but there was a time when the sport earned him a good “cut-tail” as the old folks say.

Hyland vividly remembers the days when he would run away from his Upper Lanse Mitan Carenage home to play football with the older boys in the area.

“From long time I playing football,” said the 19-year-old. “I used to run away with my friends to “the Pen” in Big Yard in Carenage to play football. My mom found I was too young to play with the older guys and I used to get nuff’ licks.”

Despite this challenge, Hyland bore his cross like a true “baller.” His love and talent for the game sooon became evident—even to his mother.

“Elder folks in the community saw my capability and my mom eventually realised my talent. I am thankful for her support. She sacrificed herself for me to make it in life to achieve my goal,” he said.

Just for the love of the game
With his mother’s blessing, the former Mucurapo Senior Comprehensive student joined the Defence Force football team, where he played for almost three years.

He later played for San Juan Jabloteh, before leaving the team earlier this year.

The highly-rated youngster made his international debut in January against Puerto Rico and scored his first international goal on June 7 against Jamaica, in a friendly match at the Marvin Lee Stadium.

Hyland also made an appearance against England on June 1.No place like home

Because of his football career, the teenager is sometimes away from home. Does he ever get home sick?

“Of course,” he said. “When I’m not at home, I miss it a lot. I miss the weather, my friends and family.” (Not necessarily in that order.)

“I love Carenage. I don’t think I can ever move out and live somewhere else.”

Words of wisdom

Growing up as the last of five siblings, Hyland always knew he wanted to be a footballer. He worked hard at perfecting his craft and never lost sight of his goal.

Very aware of his influence in the community, Hyland tries to be an example to the youth of Carenge.

“I think I am a role model and a lot of the kids in my community look up to me.”

As we wrapped up our interview, he parted with these words of wisdom.

“Whatever you want to be, work hard for it. Stay focused and balanced. Listen to the elders, for you are never too big to learn. Life is about learning,” he said. STAY TUNED…