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1. Brent, the Soca Warriors Online and Warrior Nation would like to say thank you for doing this Q&A for us. Any words for the fans out there.

A: You guys are the true fans of T&T football, your passion and commitment is second to none. Thanks for the support before, during and after the World Cup.

2. Brent, will we ever see you in national colors again.
A: I love representing my country, but that decision is down to the manager.

3. This Football Players Association of Trinidad & Tobago (FPATT) thing has been on the verge and only the verge it has been. How come you guys never officially got this going. I mean, not just launching it, but actually making things fully operational.
A: When FPATT was formed 5 years ago there was no financial support or man power to sustain it's longevity. With the backing of the PFA in England, FIFPRO, PFL and the PSA in Trinidad we are now able to put a plan in place for at least the next five years and beyond.

4. Why are only some of the T&T players suing the TTFF. What happened to players such as Carlos Edwards, Dwight Yorke, Russell Latapy, Dennis Lawrence, Jason Scotland to name a few.
A: I think that is a question for the players not involved to answer.

5. The players that are not suing; do you think that they are in full support of a players association.
A: Again, that is a question for the players not involved.

6. How do you think T&T football can move forward.
A: For Trinidad football to move forward there must be a collective effort from the government, the federation, the fans and the players. All parties mentioned above should have the sole objective of the progression of Trinidad football.

7. Do you have any plans on fundraisers and other events that will help you guys maintain the players association for many years to come. The less unfortunate ones who cannot do what you guys are trying to do far-less maintain it from falling apart. In other words, are you setting the stage for a long term association and not just for the current team. As you know the players based in T&T have no voice and may not have the finances to maintain an association.
A: The FPATT is currently holding meetings with the PFA in England and FIFPRO to develop ways to raise funds. FPATT hope to provide pension, health insurance, tertiary education to players (if needed), proper legal advice and representation, and other basics unions provide its members.

8. Brent, what is your main goal.
A: My main goal as a player is to play in the EPL, win the Gold Cup and qualify for the 2010 World Cup. Outside of football, I would like to give back to Trinidad in whichever way needed, be it in, or out of football.

9. You were one of the guys I predicted would move to a bigger club after the world cup. What happened.
A: I believe that God has a plan for everyone. There were and still is a lot of interest but nothing has materialized as yet.

10. How was the feeling playing at the 2006 FIFA World Cup for the first time in T&T history and which team do you feel T&T could have beaten in your group.
A: To be honest it still has not sunk in yet. To be able to fulfill a life long dream has been unbelievable. I felt we could have won any one of our three games we played but I think if we had eleven men on the pitch against Sweden we would have won.

11. What was your saddest moment at the World Cup “apart” from scoring the own goal in the Paraguay game.
A: Being eliminated after the first round. I honestly thought that we had enough in us to get to the second round.

12. Did you feel Russell Latapy should have started against England and Paraguay.
A: Russell is one of the best players I have seen don the T&T colors but whether he should have played or not is a question for the manager at the time.

13. Some may say Dwight Yorke should not have retired from T&T as he is only 35 and can still help whether on, or off the field especially for the youths and should also play at the 2007 Gold Cup. Do you agree.
A: I think Dwight is an exceptional leader on the pitch. Should he decide to play in the 2007 Gold Cup it would give T&T a great opportunity to lift it's first ever Gold Cup.

14. What’s your thoughts on our current coach Mr. Wim Rijisbergen.
A: Mr Rijisbergen and coach Leo Beenhakker worked well together both before and during the World Cup. I have never played under him as a coach so I cannot comment.

15. If you were called back to play for T&T under the current situation will you accept.
A: I still feel that I have a lot to contribute to T&T football on the pitch and I would be delighted if selected.

16. Do you think T&T football is poorly run.
A: As I said above, there must be a collective effort for T&T to sustain and progress forward.

17. Do you or any of our 2006 World Cup players do anything charitable for some of the less unfortunate ones in T&T.
A: We work very closely with the local players in T&T and it is that bond that has kept us a quite close knit family. I think with the introduction of a fully functioning FPATT it will help to strengthen this bond.

18. Brent, congratulations, you became the first T&T player in history to score a goal at the FIFA World Cup (laugh) for T&T.... how did you feel.
A: I was heart broken when it went in but I guess stuff like that happens.

Thank You...
Brent Sancho.

On behalf of the Soca Warriors Online I just what to say Thank You to Mr. Brent Sancho for taking the time to do this interview for us. Please keep up the great work you are doing and we wish you all the best in the future... you make us proud.

Visit Brent on the web: Brent Sancho's Website.


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