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Devon Jorsling

Devorn Jorsling recently took some time off from his busy schedule to have a chat with the T&T Guardian. This is what the Defence Force forward shared about his life, in today’s episode of Warriors Reloaded.

Jorsling could have easily become another statistic. Growing up in what he considered the ghetto, the Morvant native instead choose to follow his mother’s advice and walk on the straight and narrow. As his community continues to grapple with the strong hold of the criminal element, Jorsling is a shining light amidst the darkness.

“I want the youths to know that there is a way out. I feel really sad to see what is going on with them. Some of the guys I grew up with are going astray. The youth just dying out,” he says sadly.

Still, Jorsling tries to be a role model to the youth of his area, who have been following his successful career. “Just the other day, I was on Chaconia Avenue and there were some young guys telling me that they liked my car.

I told them it was hard work that got me to where I am and that they too can achieve their goals through hard work.”

Loving Football

The promising forward was introduced to the game of football at the tender age of six, when his friend Ronald “Sharky” St Louis took him to meet coach Hilton Bailey.

“At that time, I loved travelling to different places, because when you’re living in Morvant, you don’t really get to come out of the community,” he says.

Jorsling later attended Malick Secondary Comprehensive where he was the captain of the school’s football team. He led his squad to capture the Big Four and the North Zone titles in the Secondary School Football League, in 2000.

Woman power

Jorsling knows a thing or two about women, if only for the fact that he was the only male in a house of five females. So, what has he learnt the most about the opposite sex?

“One thing I know is that every time they like a guy, they will never say they are hungry in front of him,” he says with a chuckle.

“They also quarrel a lot. But it was nice living in a house full of women.”

Still, growing up in a single-parent household was tough, as his mother, a custodian by profession, had to work twice as hard to make ends meet.

“It did get difficult at times. Sometimes my mom wasn’t at home because she would be out working to put bread on our table. She is a real strong individual.

“She had a big part to play in me staying on track,” he says.

Family man

Still together with his high-school sweetheart, Jorsling wasted no time in starting a family of his own. Today, he is the proud father of two little girls, seven-year-old Befire and one-year-old Destiny.

Will there be any more children for this youngster?

“Not in the near future,” he says. Hmmm...Maybe the wedding might come first.