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Marvin Andrews has made it no secret that he is disappointed with the departure of Rene Simoes but is now looking forward to a start of new things.

"We need to start somewhere. The faster we can get this sorted out and get a good foundation for 2006, the better it is. My dream and my goal is to play in a World Cup. I have been looking at this World Cup here and saying that I can play in it. My time is coming, I'm believing and I'm praying to God that it will happen," said Andrews.

"Other countries have been doing it. South Korea has done it, Costa Rica went and show the kind of teams we have in this region. We can make it," Andrews said after arriving in Trinidad on Wednesday.

"It's really hard to see that they could not stay with us because I really enjoyed the time that Rene Simoes and his staff spend here with us. In the short space of time, we picked up four points, so that's just to show you the impact he made here. We beat Honduras in Honduras and we got a point against the United States here and now we see what they did earlier today. It really is disappointing and I really am sad that he is leaving. All the best to him and I wish him all the best. Whoever the bring in now, I will go and give my all as I did with Rene Simoes and his technical staff," added the Livingston defender.

Trinidad and Tobago's Marvin Andrews arrived home at midday today and will spend close to three weeks home before returning to join his Livingston teammates for a hectic preseason campaign which includes a tour to Holland and matches against Stern John's Birmingham City and Norwich City.

A happy looking Andrews said he was looking forward to his time here and termed reports in the Scottish Press about him turning his back on TnT football as "rubbish".
Before my career is over I will play in a World Cup for Trinidad and Tobago because I've dream and I've prayed about it everyday and I know God will answer my prayers. Don't matter who is the coach or who is the manager, I know I am going to play in a World Cup and I give thanks to God," said Andrews.
The former Carib FC player added that he hopes all concerned can come together for the benefit of TnT's football.

"I hope the people of Trinidad and Tobago, the media, the TTFF and everybody pulls together. If we don't pull together then there is now way we can make it. We need unity. The bible says unity is strength. We need everybody pulling the same way. We need to sacrifice. We cannot do something and just expect it to happen right away. When we were small children, we had to crawl before we walked. We have to put in the time and really take Trinidad and Tobago to the 2006 World Cup. I believe we can really do it. There is no reason why we can't do it. We know the type of players that this country has. Dwight Yorke has shown the world, Russell Latapy has done it, Shaka Hislop has done it, Tony Rougier has done it. Stern John is doing it and myself. All we need is unity," said Andrews.

I'm going to see what it goes. Whatever the media put over, they put it as though I don't want to play for Trinidad and Tobago again. That's how they put it across to make me look bad but my heart is with Trinidad and Tobago. Whenever they call me and need me to play, I am going to come and play. It's as simple as that. The national team has given me the opportunity to play in Europe because I needed the caps. So what will I gain anyways turning my back on the national team?"

"Every opportunity I have, I am going to try and work the best way with the club and the TTFF. This season is going to be a bigger one with the club but I'm always willing to play for the national team," added Andrews.

Marvin Andrews will join other overseas-based players now in TnT including Lyndon Andrews, Stern John, Jerren Nixon and Anthony Rougier.

St Clair says he's ready to coach if TTFF is serious.
By Kwame Williams.

Bertille St Clair yesterday said he is willing to take over as national football coach "once the Federation is serious." The only local coach to take a national team to the World Cup (youth), St Clair said he is a professional coach and should any team approach him, he would be willing to listen.

With the exodus of Rene Simoes from the local scene, there has been a lot of speculation as to who will be his successor.
St Clair, Everard "Gally" Cummings, Alvin Corneal and the Yugoslav, Zoran Vranes, have all been mentioned as possible successors.

Several calls have gone out to the TTFF to ensure a local man gets the job.
Edgar Vidale, another former technical director and national coach said it would not be in the best interest of T&T to give the job to an "outsider".
"We have been playing football well over 100 years, so I refuse to believe that we cannot produce a world-class coach," said Vidale.

"I have no problem with local coaches going abroad and learning new methods and styles of coaching, but what we need to do with that new knowledge is to combine it with our brand of football and use it to develop our own game," he added.
He went on to talk about the results local coaches have had in the past with national teams and showed they have done better than the foreigners.

"Simoes and these guys, in my opinion, are nothing but mercenaries. They go from Third World country to Third World country selling them a dream," Vidale went on to say, "and this has been going on the world over.

"Just now every country in the world will be playing like Brazilians if this keeps up. We must stay away from this kind of thinking."

Federation forms committee to set the way forward.
By: Shaun Fuentes.

At a special meeting of the Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation Executive Committee at the Federation's head office on Tuesday evening the two following committees were set up.

Alvin Corneal will serve as chairman of the first committee which also includes former national team manager Richard Braithwaite and Keith Look Loy, all technical people from FIFA and CONCACAF available to this country, aimed with a view of finalizing a new structure for the technical team of the Federation and implementation of the youth development programme- The Way Forward. Thirty days have been given to the committee to finalize their decisions.

In the meantime, until such decisions are finalized, the following individuals will take charge of the respective national teams.

* Clayton Morris - National Under 23 and Under 20 teams.

* Ken Elie - National Under 17 team.

* Jamal Shabaaz - National Women's Team.

It should be noted that the above appointments for national teams were recommended by outgoing Technical Director Rene Simoes.
The other committee formed includes TTFF Vice President Lennox Watson, Lennox Sirjuesingh, Assistant Secretary, member Krishendath Kuarsingh and member Ewing Davis. This committee will attend to outstanding matters from the last PFL involving CL Financial San Juan Jabloteh, Vibe CT 105 W Connection and Arima Fire, as well as all other outstanding PFL matters.