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After becoming a free agent some three weeks ago, the fate of national striker Nigel Pierre’s future is set to be determined “one way or the other” on Monday, according to Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation (T&TFF) vice-president Raymond Tim Kee.

That’s once members of Tim Kee’s committee can get time off from their regular jobs to attend Monday’s meeting.

“You have to remember that there are people on this committee who work otherwise and see working in football as a sort of social contribution,” Tim Kee told the Express on Thursday. “So we can’t ask them to drop everything to meet on Monday.”

But Tim Kee, who is also chairman of the T&TFF appeals committee dealing with the issue of Pierre’s transfer to CL Financial San Juan Jabloteh, revealed that he, along with other unnamed committee members, are scheduled to meet Monday to bring the matter to an end.

According to Jabloteh coach Terry Fenwick, Pierre became free from contractual obligations with his former club, Joe Public, three weeks ago, thus negating efforts by the Jack Warner-owned club to seek a transfer fee for the player.

Fenwick is disappointed the resolution of the transfer has taken so long.
“We (Jabloteh) can’t believe this. This thing has been going on for nearly two and a half to three months,” stated Fenwick. “We can’t see in any event local politics preventing this kid from making a living. It’s just not fair.”

Fenwick added that his club had gone through all “the proper avenues”, which included correspondence with the T&TFF and phone calls to the federation, but to no avail.

“I’m annoyed about this. In my 30 years of professional background with English football, I have never seen anything like this.”

Fenwick continued: “My service is to lift the standard of football in this country, which has risen dramamtically, but the administration of the sport leaves a terrible lot to be desired.”

The former England international also complained about the fact that with just three more games remaining in the 2002 Pro League competition, Pierre is running out of time to don Jabloteh colours this season.

“It seems unless Jack Warner is in the country, we can’t get a decision on this matter,” said Fenwick.

But after a meeting last Wednesday, Tim Kee confirmed that the T&TFF appeals committee would need just one more meeting to have the matter resolved.
“The committee has to meet one more time and put closure to everything,” said Tim Kee. “The matter will be dealt with one way or the other.”

Asked if the ruling was likely to go in Pierre’s favour, Tim Kee replied: “I can’t say.”
The T&TFF vice-president said the committee was currently considering all the “variables” and were awaiting some legal advice before they make a final decision.