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Terry Fenwick"We score in added-on time to draw against Grenada and applaud this as a good result," questioned San Juan Jabloteh head coach Terry Fenwick this week.

"No disrespect intended to Grenada, but there is something fundamentally wrong if that is the extent of our (T&T) International ambitions,” the former England international added.

Fenwick was commenting on the recent 1-1 draw by the Trinidad and Tobago U-23s against Grenada’s National Men’s Senior Team on Saturday night in Grenada in which a couple of his club players were involved.

The team was captained by Jabloteh defender Robert Primus who was praised by U-23 coach Zoran Vranes for his performances as captain and central defender.

However T&T needed an extra time item by recently signed Caledonia AIA defender Daneil Cyrus after Grenada held a 1-0 advantage from the 25th minute through Marcus Julien.

"Grenada has no professional League and would struggle to put two teams together. I must be going mad because I would have seen the result as disappointing,” continued Fenwick.

"There can be no comparison between Grenada and Trinidad & Tobago! Yes they may have produced one or two players that have secured contracts abroad but the extent of our development program and the dollars that have been squandered over recent years on twice weekly training sessions, overseas tours, the countless friendly games but we are still seeing Grenada as competition. Please! do me a favor, get real!"

Following the match, according to a TTFF press release Vranes said, "We scored very late but I am very satisfied with my team’s performance against Grenada’s Senior Team which is preparing for the Digicel Cup later this year.

"We dominated the game for very long periods but they got the first goal and they were very determined not to give up anything. We missed a few good opportunities but I’m not worried over our performance from this game because we had them under pressure for long periods in this match," he added.

Meantime Fenwick preparing CLICO Jabloteh for the upcoming 2010 season said in terms of developing players at international level, it’s poor!

He made reference to both the T&T U-23 (preparing for the CAC Games and upcoming Olympic) and Senior Teams adding, "I’ve been to most National training sessions and the sessions are not relevant to football.

"Yes the sessions look pretty to the untrained eye but to the onlooking professional, the sessions lack structure, progression and objective."

Fenwick further explained that he will withdraw his players from National teams training until the season 2010 TT Pro League season has commenced.

"I know only too well that my players attending twice weekly sessions will be dropped like hot potatoes when overseas players return for competitive games," said the three-time League winning coach. "Why should I subject my players to that disappointment in their young careers?

"I’m withdrawing my players until the season has commenced. Its pertinent that we get our team (Jabloteh) right for the start of the season [which includes Caribbean Football Union club championship],” Contrary to the National coaches, I see every training session as vitally important to the principles of play and winning habits, he said.

Robert Primus, Sheldon Bateau, Jason Joseph, Sheldon Clark and Jerrol Britto are with the U-23s on Tuesdays while Bateau, Primus also joins Ataullah Guerra and Jason Marcano with the T&T Seniors on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

They will all miss national team sessions this week and next week under the directive of Fenwick who believes they are not learning or extending themselves.

Fenwick said there is also concern in the Senior team coaching setup.

"My players are involved in National sessions at several different levels and its my job to oversea their overall development as players. We are delighted with our players' selection at National level but we have been disappointed with the content of sessions.

When players are selected for national teams we must appreciate they have skill sets and national training should be about converting those skill sets into winning teams. And I don't see that happening.

"We have to understand that the TTFF deliberated very long before announcing "No Change!" and Russell (Latapy) continued as head coach. Most will see National football since 2006 WC qualification as a huge failure, and yet we see the same old people in their comfortable positions calling the shots all over again.

The TTFF will reduce their argument to lack of funding but we see the same inexperienced back room management continuing where they have failed before.

"The TTFF is not doing their bit in providing professional and competent support for Russell as National coach. So we are not giving him a chance. We recently saw Marvin Faustin, nice guy, recruited as assistant coach but now we have not one, but two very inexperienced coaches with no real program going forward.

"My comments are not meant to offend but merely extend an opinion on a professional basis. When it all turns sour for Russell, the TTFF will undoubtedly turn to Dwight as the next step. Only when these two National hero's have ruined their coaching careers will the TTFF look further than the end of their noses.

I think it is very unfair on both Russell and Dwight to be exposed in this way. I believe Russell is doing the job for all the right reasons but is ill equipped to succeed.

"I think we should be doing much better than we are at every level...unfortunately inexperience and lack of competence at management level will have us fall short in meaningful competitions." ended the Jabloteh coach.