Thu, Dec

Of all the players boasting tartan connections in the Trinidad and Tobago squad preparing for tomorrow’s clash with Scotland at Easter Road, perhaps none can claim to have been so revered on these shores as Arnold Dwarika.

The midfielder was signed in March 1995 by the then East Fife manager Steve Archibald, and briefly fired a level of ambition amongst the faithful few at Methil not seen since the glory days after the Second World War. It wasn’t normal for the Bayview club to sign an international, and Dwarika proved no normal player. He already had 54 caps when he arrived in Fife as a 23-year-old, subsequently scoring with adroit back-heels and bringing a slice of calypso life to an area which had only one similarity with the West Indies - a shoreline.

Now playing in the Chinese first division, Dwarika is glad to return.

"It wasn’t a top club, but it was a nice place," he says. "I enjoyed my stay in Leven. The chairman, Mr Baxter, and his wife were like family, and looked after me." Dwarika was enticed over by Archibald, and was ready to be beguiled by talk of such places as Ochilview because of the success of compatriots Jerren Nixon at Dundee United, and Tony Rougier at Raith Rovers.

"It was a great place to come and learn," says Dwarika. "The present T&T team is a very young team, and so I hope some of the younger lads do their best on Sunday because they might get picked up by Scottish sides." He adds that he hopes a few East Fife fans make it along to Easter Road: "I want to show them some of the old tricks, bring back some memories." Recognition from East Fife will come today in any case. After training at Livingston he will be presented with honorary membership of the East Fife Supporters’ Trust.