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Jan Michael WilliamsJan Michael Williams’ aspirations of playing professionally in Europe continues in 2010 but his move back to the continent will be on hold until work permit application can come through.

Goalkeeper Williams had been in Hungary last year before taking a personal decision to leave but is hopeful that Sheffield Wednesday, the club initially interested in his services, will continue to monitor his progress and maybe offer him another chance to  play in Europe.

“At the moment all I can do is continue to make steady progress with the hope that another door will open. I am back with W Connection and if another opportunity comes knocking then I will look into it  and see how it benefits my career,” Williams said.

“Right now it’s also about seeing  whether the work permit can come through  and whether Sheffield has anything to offer as it’s not going to be easy to break into the club at the moment. But firstly my aim is to ensure I can maintain a regular spot in the W Connection team and the national team before thinking of anything else.