Thu, Dec

Greetings from T&T! Truetrini, live and direct.

I am having a great time...boy ! de woman and dem real sweet!

Anyway I flew to T&T on the same flight..right next to Trinidad and Tobago new Technical Director Mr. Lincoln Phillips and his wife. Also on the flight was TC's family...I gave them our best wishes and deepest condolences!

I asked Lincoln Phillips quite a few questions..the following is and excerpt of the chat we had on the 4 hour plus flight to Trinbago.

Truetrini: Lincoln, do you know the website ?

Lincoln: Off course, it is the best supporters website. The fans there are very passionate, its a great thing for the T&T team.

Truetrini: Lincoln, Sam a poster on SW website recently called for the setting up of three teams for the national squad, one based in T&T, one based in USA and one in England, what do you think of that idea ?

Lincoln: It is a fantastic idea! In fact as long as ten years ago I felt that this should have been done, currently I am working on a football database. I want this idea of different T&T squads playing, that way we can always have teams playing together and then we can pick the cream of the crop. In fact it would be great to have several coaches to monitor the progress...and to scout out players.

Truetrini: Do you think you will get the necessary funding to carry out such a venture ?

Lincoln: It depends on if the businesses in T&T get involved and the fans supporting the teams.

Truetrini: It appears to me that the TTFF has lost all credibility with local businesses.

Lincoln: I cannot comment on that, other than to say, the local businesses and the Government need's to get more involved.

Truetrini: Do you expect the T&T team to make it to the 2006 World Cup in Germany ?

Lincoln: The people want to see good football, they also need to be patient, things do NOT happen overnight, but they should expect to see improvements in the squad, its the least they should expect.

Truetrini: What do you think of the management and the fans at Soca Warriors Online :-]

Lincoln: I spoke to Flex sometime ago, he is doing a fantastic job. The fans, although some use bad language are passionate and dedicated.

Truetrini: Are you going to have the T&T players read the comments on the SW Website ?

Lincoln: Yes, I think that can help them see that they have support.

Truetrini: Lincoln, why not make weekly posts on SW ?

Lincoln: Do you know that's funny, I was indeed planning to do so.

Truetrini: Thanks Coach, best of luck and count on support from ALL the fans on SW forum.

Lincoln: Thanks.

I am meeting Lincoln for the Jabloteh/Chicago Fire game on the 17th.

All interested fans call can me on my cell phone: 797-9897.