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SW Online - 1: Do you think the hiring of Dutch coach Leo Beenhakker would change the overall approach to the T&T team ?

AJ: Yes, he is highly respected and very experienced on the international stage.

SW Online - 2: Is former coach Bertille St Clair a personable person. Is he someone you can approach with your input regarding game plans....or even during team meetings ?

AJ: No, at least not with me.

SW Online - 3: How would you rate our scouting of opponents ? and selection of players.

AJ: Not aware of any scouting of opponents, at least not before the present management.

SW Online - 4: How is the experience playing in the MLS so far. Have your game improved ?

AJ: It has been very good and every year I try to improve my game no matter where I am.

SW Online - 5: Do you think the standard in the MLS is higher than the
league in Ireland ?

AJ: Cannot compare. Two different leagues.

SW Online - 6: I notice when New England played the MetroStars last season you were put to mark Cornell Glen. Did your coach specifically asked you to mark him seeing that you both play together for T&T....By the way, he didn't Glen score a goal against you in that game, no ?

AJ: No. I was not put to mark him. The goal was scored on the right side in that game.

SW Online - 7: Do you have your sights set on playing in Europe again ?

AJ: Always.

SW Online - 8: Are you related to Stern John ?

AJ: No, just very good friends.

SW Online - 9: Who do you enjoy playing with on the present T&T team ?

AJ: Everyone.

SW Online - 10: Which T&T player do you think can help our present team in all departments (defense, midfield & forward) ?

AJ: At this stage we need everyone.

SW Online - 11: After missing the USA game through suspension, you have not been in action for the national team. Why is that ?

AJ: I was not suspended for the US game. I was not selected by the then management team.

SW Online - 12: From a defender's perspective, can you give us your
thoughts on why the national team concedes so many "soft" goals ?

AJ: I think a lack of concentration is the main reason.

SW Online - 13: What changes do you think needs to be made in order for us to qualify for Germany ?

AJ: More unity and harder work ethic.

SW Online - 14: Are you available to the national team for the remainder of World Cup Qualifying campaign ?

AJ: Yes, without a doubt.

SW Online - 15: What are your thoughts on new coach Leo Beenhakker ?

AJ: Very professional and knowledgeable of the game.

SW Online - 15: What position on the field do you favors the most ?

AJ: Left back, but I have played stopper "centre back" for many seasons with all my previous clubs so I am comfortable with both.

SW Online - 16: At times you have been criticized for making too many rash tackles that result in cautions from the referee. Do you intend to alter your style of play ?

AJ: I don't think I make rash tackles but I do believe I need to alter my game by staying on my feet a bit more.

SW Online - 17: At the end of last season you were voted as one of the best defenders in the MLS. Why are you not presently in the starting eleven for New England Revolution ? (This question was asked at the start of the MLS season, Avery is now a regular with his club).

AJ: No idea, just coach's decision.

SW Online - 18: Are all of your legal wrangling with Longford Town, Orlando Pirates and FIFA over ? What exactly was the nature of the dispute ?

AJ: Yes, it is all over. Can't go into details. Longford Town was wrong, over reacting and being stupid.

SW Online - 19: Who's your all time favorite player.

AJ: Maradonna, Pele & Franco Baresi.

SW Online - 20: You played with Brazilian born Jose Luis Seabra for T&T on many occasions. What's your thoughts on him ?

AJ: Good player.

SW Online - 21: Do you support the community you came from when you visit T&T, like fund raiser or school visits trying to encourage the youths to stay out of trouble ?

AJ: Heavily. I sponsor a league in my village and have donated football uniforms and balls to a couple of primary schools in my area.

SW Online - 22: Do you plan on retiring in T&T someday possibly playing or even coaching a local PFL team ?

AJ: This is all possible but I still have a lot to do before I make those decisions.

SW Online - 23: Do you think any of our local PFL teams can match the New England Revolution, possibly beat them ?

AJ: Yes, they can match any team in the MLS.

SW Online - 24: What formation do you think best suits T&T ?

AJ: Not sure, players make system not the other way around.

SW Online - 25: Have to ever visited the Soca Warriors Online ? What's your thoughts ?

AJ: Yes I have and you are doing a very good job in informing the world about Trinidad & Tobago football.

SW Online- 26: Do you think the T&T fans are penetrative enough when T&T is playing at home ?

AJ: In the last game against Panama, YES, But I hope they continue to support.

SW Online - 37: In your Secondary School Football League (SSFL) days, which team did you respect the most, and why ?

AJ: All, because in my time any team could have won the title.

Note: I just want to say thank you for taking the time off to do this interview for us on the Soca Warriors Online. On behalf of the many fans here who support you, we say thank you and best of luck to you in the future for both your club and country.

PS: Special thanks to Tongue and Tallman for providing a few questions.