Mon, Jul


Several former national and current players will come together on Sunday at the Pinto Recreation Ground for a day of activities in memory of the late Mickey Trotman.

Trotman, brother Stephan and friend Tessa Moses, lost their lives in a tragic accident on October 3, 2001, and the all-day football fun day has been held every year since his passing.

Close friend Stern John is currently back home and is anticipating another good turn out on the day with several well known businesses contributing to the affair. There is also a petition to have the Pinto Road Recreation Ground renamed after Trotman.

John recalls how after a training session with Nottingham Forest the morning of Trotman’s death, he returned to the locker room and saw 57 missed calls on his mobile phone and knew something was wrong.

“Something wasn’t right and I didn’t want to return the call,” John recalled. It turned out that calls were flooded to his phone in an attempt to break the nightmare news. “But time heals and even though we still miss Mickey a whole lot, we know he’s here with us in spirit and we will keep that spirit alive with hopefully another successful day in memory of him on Sunday.”

Alcons FC will meet Matura FC from 4 pm, and Cool It FC, the old team of the Trotman brothers, will face the Strike Squad from 6 pm. Trotman would have been 36 on October 21.

John, meantime, is still recovering from a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACl) surgery and is likely to start back training in December with a  possible return to the American Major League Soccer (MLS) on the cards.