Thu, Sep


After the heartbreaking 1-0 loss to USA on November 19, 1989, Cabinet mandated Dr Claudia Harvey and yours truly to meet with the Strike Squad members to help them overcome their disappointment and address their immediate concerns.The three players I best remember were Leonson Lewis for his great desire to provide for his parents as well as his sense of humour; Marlon Morris from Tobago for his obvious intelligence and realistic outlook on life, but the third shall remain nameless as he told me: “I need a job but not really to work!” Imagine my pleasant surprise when I received an e-mail out of the blue (after 21 years!) from Marlon Morris commenting on my last article. For those who do not know, Marlon opted for the education route and obtained his MBA in 1993; worked in the field of telecommunications both abroad and locally and is now on contract with one of the Government Ministries.

Marlon still plays over-40 football, is on the TTFF Technical Advisory Committee and is a frequent football analyst with television and radio stations. I told him how proud I was of his achievements and he flattered me by saying I had encouraged him to focus on his education which I wish I could remember saying! It is always so interesting to hear how people’s lives unfold, and while I have no idea how many Strike Squad members put all their eggs in the football basket and either succeeded or failed, here is a case where Marlon ensured his future with his MBA and is still in touch with football albeit through off-the-field “intellectual” channels—in other words enjoying the best of both worlds. I hope to get Marlon to talk to the football guys at Youth Training Centre and teach them about the week in 1989 when T&T “went red.” Thank you Marlon—you made my day!