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From Left: George Fenwick sport his England shirt while his father Terry sport his Soca Warriors shirt during the England vs Trinidad and Tobago WC game in Germany 2006.Former Crystal Palace and Tottenham Hotspur player Terry Fenwick says it would be a great honor to lead Trinidad and Tobago National football team if given the opportunity too.


The Seaham-born former English defender told the Soca Warriors Online (SWO) that he would change the mediocrity and failure that currently surrounds the team and instill pride and determination back into T&T football.

Read what Terry told the SWO in his latest Q&A with us.

SWO - Terry, if given the opportunity to lead T&T senior men’s team will you accept? If yes, why?
TF: - I would love to coach/manage the T&T National team. It has been a long time ambition, I have however, resigned myself to the fact that there are those that would prefer to ignore my abilities. There is no doubt I am the most experienced and most qualified coach on these beautiful Islands, and no-one has considered the advantages I bring to the table. I am one of only two coaches in the PFL that have never contributed to the National effort, while my club and my development program provide more National players at every level than any other club. Why would I take the job?  Because I would be successful, I would win ! I would also love the opporunity to help Trinidad and Tobago in anyway I can, it will also be great to work with the T&T federation.
SWO - We as fans want to see attractive, constructive and determined football. If you got the job as T&T head coach what difference would you make and what new ideas will you be bringing to the table.
TF: - I would restore National Pride in our football and qualify for all the important competitions, World Cup and Gold Cup!  My passion for the game, coaching ability and determination would come shining through in my teams. T&T are fed up with mediocrity and failure, I would change that!
SWO - Do you feel you have what it takes to make our local players better? In other words, can you bring them up to the international standard?
TF: - Flex, we are producing top quality players here in T&T, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!  Our deficiencies are in coaching and our ability to get the message across. My knowledge, coaching ability and discipline would reap rewards…… Players enjoy working in a professional environment; I would do my best to provide that for my players.
SWO - Assuming you got the job what about a supporting staff? Will we see changes?
TF: - I would find positions for most of T&T’s legendary players past and present, they all have a part to play. They should all contribute. Good players recognize good players and T&T needs a strong character at the top to harness and direct the combined efforts of these legends to ensure on-going continuity and success. I am a strong character!!!
SWO - What do you feel are some of the important things missing in our football today, both on and off the field?
TF: - Coaching awards should be made available to all and not just a selected few. T&T, lack good coaches, there is a lot of good will and effort, but technical competence is sadly amiss. I would support the PFL teams in their fight to obtain access to community facilities, supporters and social clubs, a home base and a facility to call their own.
SWO - I was very happy to see some of the things Russell Latapy did as coach of the T&T team, for example, he capped a few young talents who seemed to be future stars. If for some reason Latapy’s service as head coach was cut, would you consider offering him the opportunity to work with you at some capacity?
TF: - Absolutely!
SWO - Do you feel the administration in our football needs restructuring?
TF: - Administration and football will always clash because administrators do not know football and players are often poorly advised. Clear lines of communication should be directed through the coach/manager to ensure a fair deal for all, players must respect the coach and the coach needs to earn that respect by doing the right thing. Unfortunately, poor communication is rife within T&T football. Poor decisions have been made on several emotional occasions, WC 2006 bonus payments for example, I believe the head coach/manager should negotiate a fair and achievable bonus schedule with the players relevant to whichever competition.
SWO - The Pro League’s survival is vital to the improvement of our players? How do you feel you can contribute to improving the League on the whole?
TF: - I would lobby for government intervention, many leagues around the world are subsidized by government, they see the social benefits football brings to communities and in particular the young people on the street?  Uneducated, unwanted, unloved kids, will fall on the wrong side of life not by their own doing, but by the lack of planning and support from the authorities. We can’t turn a blind eye, we must hold a hand out to all!
SWO - What about the fans, how will you go about convincing them to come out and support your team?
TF: - Trini’s love and support success, nothing else will do. We must provide that success!  I would drive Jack Warner mad to get better quality games for the National Team. I would cease to play meaningless games, no disrespect intended, against other small Island teams that we should be beating out of sight!  I would leave that to the youth development levels of National football. Our National under 23 boys should be beating any Caribbean senior teams at the moment.
SWO - Do you feel you'll get support from the TTFF to do your job if given the hot seat?
TF: - No, there will always be opposition because of my determination and desire to improve and succeed.  I will always be striving for better and not tolerating mediocrity.  One thing is for sure, my success would ensure people sit up and listen.  I know the powers that be are frightened of the success I will bring. That is a huge mental hurdle for the decision makers…. “What if Fenwick succeeds???”  What would they do, and how would they handle it ?? In closing this, I love it here in Trinidad and I love the people and it would be great to lead T&T National team if given the opportunity too onday.


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