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Outgoing captain of the Presentation College (San Fernando) football team, Kegan Ellis, is aiming towards achieving an athletic scholarship to further his chances of having a professional football career.

The 18-year-old Form Six student revealed that he was pleased to be a part of the school team, but was a bit saddened by his soon departure. Ellis and his twin brother, Mikail, have been the functional backbone of the “Pres” team over the just concluded season.

Together with star forward Shakiel Henry and midfielder Yohance Alexander, the south-based school has indeed left a lasting impression on the 2012/ 2013 competitive season.

“It was a privilege for me and my brother to represent and play for such an amazing college.

“Yes this was our last season as (school) footballers but we really are hoping to get through with some form of athletic scholarship to increase of chances of international football,” he stated.

The lanky defender admitted that he and his team-mates were not expecting so many challenges during the season including their ill-fated South Zone Intercol final versus Shiva Boys. It was during this game that a fan — upset with the decisions of linesman Kevin Charles — chose to run on to the field and smash a glass bottle against his head. This unexpected action created a mini-riot at the Manny Ramjohn Stadium in Marabella and the game was forced to be abandoned.

At that time, Presentation were leading 1-0 with just over ten minutes to go for the final whistle.

This action sparked a nationwide controversy between both teams and the Secondary Schools Football League (SSFL). After a few days of discussions and negotiations, the SSFL opted to have the match replayed. However, the prolific south school fell victim to a 4-2 defeat via kicks from the penalty spot against Shiva Boys.

Ellis explained that these events had a very negative impact on the team. He continued, “Mentally we were drained. After all the up-and-down, the players were just tired of everything and sadly we lost the rematch. A lot of us (players) did not want the rematch, it was just a sad day for football. It really was tough on us.”

Dubbed “The Two Towers”, Kegan and his brother had much to do pertaining to showing support and comfort to team members. However, Kegan was grateful to “Pres” for the experience and competitive relationship shared at the educational institution.

He is well aware that his school would be losing out on approximately five seasoned players for the next competitive season which would likely weaken their chances. Both Ellis brothers and Henry are confirmed to make their soon departure from the team. But, the “Pres” captain remained optimistic, however, and held the team’s younger players in high regard.

Ellis revealed that the school has been carefully harnessing its young talents and will unleash them on the rest of the schools in the forthcoming season.

“We have always had several younger players training and playing with us. From an early age in Presentation, players are sought after and groomed with the senior team. I’m confident that we’ll have some good quality youngsters coming out of ‘Pres’ for the next season.

“We will do well. I just want to say thanks to the school and team for this wonderful opportunity to play and represent them,” he concluded.

Both Kegan and Mikail are hoping to successfully complete their final year (until June 2013) at the prestigious south school.