Sun, May


REYES Sports Company Ltd, in an effort to develop tertiary level football, will host the Ultimate Football Fiesta called Fiesball at the Hasely Crawford Stadium Training Ground in Port of Spain, on November 16.

The organisers are trying to bridge the gap between Secondary schools football and tertiary level football by creating more competitions for tertiary level students. The grand prize will be $10,000, second place will walk away with $5,000 and third place will earn $2,000. Awards will also be given for MVP, golden boot and golden glove.

Twelve teams will be allowed to participate in the competition. Each team can register between 10 to 15 players at for free.

A press release by Reyes Sports Company Ltd said, “Fiesball is a mixture of football and entertainment as we add our own local style and culture to the sport.

This event would attract the most technical players and the best limers as our supporters and spectators would experience our cultural injections, that would be beyond anything we have experienced at a local football event. To get the best out of football in T&T we need to create our own identity and this event will surely be one to inspire.”

The tournament will also come with rules as Fiesball is a modified version of football. One of the rules are that teams are allowed six passes before they shoot and if they do not shoot or make a seventh pass it would be considered a foul and the next team would be given a free kick. For more information contact 464-2724.

SOURCE: T&T Newsday