Sat, Aug


DENIS LATIFF, general manager of Tiger Tanks Trinidad Unlimited, has explained that his company’s sponsorship monies go towards youth development.

Latiff wrote a post on his Facebook page yesterday, after his company was embroiled in controversy earlier this week, with Secondary Schools Football League (SSFL) Premier Division champions Naparima and St Benedict’s raising the ire of the league’s sponsors, notably SportsMax and Digicel, for donning the Tiger Tanks’ logo on their players’ shirts on Wednesday.

Latiff wrote, “Tiger have been involved, not only in schools football but, for some years, have sponsored the Fyzabad League, the La Brea League and donated trophies etcetera for others.”

He noted, “I have heard cries of student footballers who cannot afford a pair of boots, the meal they look forward to after a game, the distances they have to travel after a football game…income from television (we’re) good with that. Tiger was merely trying to assist teams where we can.”