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Jabloteh midfielder Ataullah Guerra takes on Joe Public defender Keion Goodridge during Big Six action. Guerra wasn't really in the mood last night though.Last night, San Juan Jabloteh edged United Petrotrin 3-2 on penalty kicks at the Mannie Ramjohn Stadium in Marabella to advance to Friday’s Toyota Classic Competition semi-finals. Nobody should care though. The players did not seem too bothered.

In terms of the football on display, Jabloteh’s triumph barely deserves more than the preceding paragraph. In other ways, it was a momentous occasion.

Jabloteh’s Classic fixture against Petrotrin should be packaged and sold as a cure for insomnia. It should be used as blackmail against ex-France star Eric Cantona and anyone else who declares football to be “the beautiful game”. It should be used at secondary schools nationwide to scare young players into taking their class work seriously.

It was not all bad, of course, and one must not willfully ignore the positives.

Marabella is a beautiful place. Scores of sport fans and journalists might not have noticed before. They would usually have been too distracted by the football action on the field.

Not last night, though.

There was plenty time to gaze at the oil refinery that puffed smoke in the distance. Or to stare at cars as they drove by and wonder how taxing the drivers’ commute was. Perhaps one preferred to count streetlights.

Anything was better than watching a Petrotrin team with no imagination match wits with a Jabloteh bunch that was in the mood to play with their food.

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