Tue, Aug

Alyssa Budhoo

Alyssa Budhoo is one of the former Futsal Club Toronto players that will help inaugurate Trinidad and Tobago's new Women's Premier League as she signed for Team Angels.

Players from all the America's, including USA, Venezuela, Canada, St. Kitts/Nevis and the US Virgin Islands are touching down in Piarco over the last few weeks, with players from Brazil and Europe expected to arrive shortly.

“So far the experience has been great,” Budhoo told RedNation. “I’m thankful to have an experience like this to play in another country, learn a new culture and play with women from all around the world.”

Given all the excitement and exposure around this summers Women’s World Cup, Trinidad and Tobago is taking this opportunity to create a new and exciting league in the nation to help promote the sport and give more women the chance to play competitive soccer.

“The competition here is very good, the women playing in the league come from Trinidad, the national team, England, USA, Brazil, and all around,” Budhoo said. “Lots of the players here have competed at a semi-professional level and have played at the college university level, everyone here has the same goal and that is to win as many games as possible.”

“I feel like women’s soccer can definitely grow a lot more. I feel it’s great that Trinidad took the chance and created the WPL to give more women the opportunity to play at a higher level. I feel women don’t get enough attention for their talent and the support needs to continuously grow.”

Budhoo and Team Angels won their first game with a score of 3-0, and will play their next match on Saturday, July 4.