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Liverpool top Legends Challenge

Trinidadian Marvin Andrews scored a tournament-high five goals—representing new champons Liverpool—at the 2015 British Airways Tobago Legends Challenge football tournament which ended yesterday at the Dwight Yorke Stadium, Tobago.

Patrick Berger, the retired former Czech international midfielder, scored twice and former England and Liverpool striker Stan Collymore got the other as Liverpool defeated crowd favourite Caribbean All Stars 3-1 in the final. Liverpool had also edged the All Stars at the group stage.

Andrews, traditionally a defender, never actually played for Liverpool, during a career which saw the former T&T international represent Scottish clubs Glasgow Rangers, Raith Rovers and Livinston and Hamilton Academic. But, he was teamed with the like of Berger, former Lverpool and Bordeaux player Vlad Smicer, and Norwegian Bjorn Kvarme among others at the Legends tournament.

Opposite were the popular Caribbean All-Stars, containing Trinidadians Russell Latapy, T&T record goal-scorer Stern John, former Soca Warrior Cornell Glen, Soca Warriors and Everton Assistant-coach Dennis Lawrence, as well as former T&T keeper Clayton Ince, who was impressive in goal throughout the tournament.

Berger scored two impressive goals giving Liverpool a 2-0 lead, before Stern John forced in a goal to brieftly bring the popular Caribbean All Stars closer at 2-1. Stan Collymore got the important insurance goal to end the challenge of the Caribbean All Stars, who had a series of close misses before he scored.

It might have been a “fete match”, but so competitive that it sparked two brief scuffles between players. Earler, at the semi-finals stage, Liverpool edged Arsenal 3-2, while Caribbean All Stars defeated Manchester United, who had both Dwight Yorke and cricket legend Brian Lara among their ranks. Yorke scored to give Man Utd a 3-1 advantage, before two Latapy goals brought the Stars roaring back to win by a 4-3 margin.

Preliminary Round Scores – 

Group A – 

ARSENAL (3) – Ian Selley, Omer Riza, Luis Boa Morte vs TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR (1) – Andy Sinton. 

MANCHESTER UNITED (3) – Bojan Djordic 2, Dwight Yorke vs ASTON VILLA (2) – Darren Byfield 2. 

Group B – 

CARIBBEAN ALL STARS (5) – Dennis Lawrence 2, Russell Latapy 2, Stern John vs CHELSEA (0). 

LIVERPOOL (6) – Marvin Andrews 2, Stan Collymore 2, Vladimir Smicer, Bjorn Kvarme vs PFA ALL STARS (2) – Michael Mols 2.

squad lists

Arsenal FC: 1.Vince Bartram, 3.Ian Selley, 5.Jimmy Carter, 8.Stefan Schwarz, 4.Chris Whyte, 7.Luis Boa Morte, 2.Omer Riza, 6.Michael Thomas.

Aston Villa: 1.Gavin Ward, 3.Allan Wright, 4.Ugo Ehiogu, 9.Stefan Moore, 7.Mark Walters, 8.Darren Byfield, 10.Darius Vassell.

Guest player: 11.Huey Cadette. Absent: Graham Fenton.

Manchester United FC: 1.Raimond Van der Gouw, 2.Michael Clegg, 9.Dwight Yorke, 7.Quinton Fortune, 11.Bojan Djordic, 10.Brian Lara.

Guest players: 8.Danny Webber, 4.Ben Thornley. Missing: Ronny Johnsen, Louis Saha.

Chelsea FC: 8.Mark Stein, 6.David Lee, 4.Gareth Hall,  9.Sam Parkin, 11.Jody Morris.

Guest players: 2.Cyd Gray, 1.Richard Goddard, 7.Anthony Barness. Absent: Frank Sinclair, Ken Monkou.

Liverpool FC: 1.Tony Warner, 6.Stephane Henchoz, 8.Patrick Berger, 7.Vlad Smicer, 9.Bjorn Kvarme, 10.Stan Collymore.

Guest players: 5.Marvin Andrews, 4.Shonneil McMillan. Absent: Steve Harkness, David Thompson.

PFA All Stars: 1.Shaka Hislop, 9.Michael Gray, 14.Michael Mols, 3.Paul Scharner, 7.Ian Goodison, 10.Matt Jansen, 11.Ricardo Gardner, 17.Pierre Van Hoojidonk.

Caribbean All Stars: 1.Clayton Ince, 2.Paul Hall, 4.Marcus Gayle, 2.Russell Latapy, 8.Dennis Lawrence, 6.Stern John, 5.Fitzroy Simpson.

Guest player: 9.Cornell Glen. Injured: Deon Burton.

Tottenham Hotspur: 1.Radek Cerny, 3.Chris Perry, 10.Paul McVeigh, 4.Mitchell Thomas, 7.Ruel Fox, 8.Andy Sinton.

Guest players: 6.Everton McKein, 9.Devon Leacock. Absent: Neale Fenn, Sean Davis.