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Rangers highest local club in Concacaf rankings, TT Pro League ranked 13th.

La Horquetta Rangers is the highest-ranked T&T Premier Football League on a list of 184 clubs issued by CONCACAF following the launch of an innovative new ranking system for clubs and leagues in the region on Monday.

According to the CONCACAF, the new club ranking is based on the performances of individual clubs in official international and domestic competitions, while the league ranking only considers international matches.

As a starting point for the new club ranking, the region’s men’s clubs have been ranked based on their results since 2017 in the following official international and domestic club competitions: Concacaf Champions League, Concacaf Regional Cups (Leagues Cup, Central American Cup, and Caribbean Cup), Domestic first division professional league, Member Association Cups (which qualify for Concacaf competitions), and FIFA Club World Cup

According to CONCACAF performances in these competitions this season (2023), and going forward in the coming years, will continue to be used to determine the new club ranking.

The CONCACAF release added: The new rankings will be an important part of the Confederation’s revamped club ecosystem and will be key a factor in determining draw seedings for official Concacaf club competitions beginning with the new 2023 Central American and Caribbean Cups and onwards, and next year’s eagerly anticipated expanded CONCACAF Champions League.

Formally known as Superstar Rangers Football Club and St. Ann’s Rangers Football Club, the club now owned by businessman Richard Ferguson and fourth on the current T&TPFL table has a ranking of 104th with 1,027 points to be the highest of the 12 T&T professional clubs, and fourth best among Caribbean Football Union representatives behind Haiti’s Violette ( (71st/1,076 points), Dominican Republic’s Cibao FC (84th/1,058), and Haiti’s Arcahaie FC (103rd/1,032 points).

Rangers, who won their own Ascension Football Tournament last year, one year after Defence Force captured the title has been in existence for over forty-eight (48) years and operating under Superstar Rangers FC for over thirty-five (35) years. Nine years ago, we changed the club’s name to St. Ann’s Rangers Football Club to reflect the location of the club was that of the community of St. Ann’s.

The club was then purchased by Terminix Trinidad Limited in 2018 and from January 2019 the club was moved to the community of La Horquetta hence the club’s name was changed again to reflect this move, to Terminix La Horquetta Rangers FC.


New rankings system launched
T&T Express Reports.

CONCACAF launched yesterday an innovative, new ranking system for clubs and leagues in the confederation that will help determine draw seedings for its Champions League and other new tournaments.

The new rankings will be an important part of revamped club ecosystem in CONCACAF and will come into effect from the start of the new Central American and Caribbean Cup tournaments and onwards, and the expanded Champions League next year.

According to a CONCACAF news release: “The new dynamic rankings will be regularly updated following international club competitions, domestic league, and cup matches. They will be publicly available on [the CONCACAF website.

“In addition to determining draw seedings for CONCACAF club competitions, the ranking system will also provide fans with an engaging way to track the progress of their favourite club and league week after week, as they compete with the very best in the confederation.”

The news release indicated that the men’s clubs in the confederation have been ranked based on their results in a slew of official international and domestic club competitions over the past six years as a starting point for the new rankings.

The competitions include the Champions League, as well as the Leagues Cup, Central American Cup, and Caribbean Cup, domestic top division professional leagues, member association cup tournaments, and the FIFA Club World Cup.

The CONCACAF news release added: “Performances in these competitions from this season and going forward will continue to be used to determine the new club ranking.

“The competitions are weighted in terms of the ranking points available in every match, with international matches awarding more ranking points than domestic top division league and cup matches.”

The news release stated: “The calculating formula has been developed in a way that allows clubs to know ahead of each match how many ranking points they can gain or lose depending on the result (win, draw, or loss). Clubs gain more ranking points for defeating a higher-ranked opponent and lose more ranking points should they be defeated by a lower-ranked opponent. Home-field advantage is also a factor.”

In addition to an individual club ranking, CONCACAF is launching a league ranking index to determine the strength of domestic professional leagues based on the performances of their clubs in international competitions.

For the League ranking, only international matches will be considered and matches from the CONCACAF Champions League will award twice the points in comparison to Leagues Cup, Central American Cup, and Caribbean Cup.