Thu, Sep


Former England international Graham Rix is finalising his squad for the start of the T&T Pro League season. The former Arsenal player and coach at Chelsea was brought in by the Pro League for Central FC and is working alongside assistant coaches Kevin Jeffrey and Anthony Sherwood, the ex-Under 20 standout.

The team is managed by Norris Ferguson with Brent Sancho as the managing director. “He’s settled in really well and brings a lot to the table. It’s more than just trying to prepare a team to compete in the Pro League but the focus is also on overall development of our players,” Sancho said.

“We are going through everything that we need to take part in the League because that’s one of our major objectives and hopefully we can bring local football into Central in a meaningful way.”

Some of the players who have been in training with Central FC include Hayden Tinto, Marvin Phillip, Cyd Gray, Marvin Oliver and Willis Plaza, just back from a stint in Vietnam.