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A strong but valiant message was shared by TT Pro League CEO Dexter Skeene during the launch of the 2012-2013 Digicel Pro League Championship on Thursday afternoon.

“Good enough is not good enough,” expressed Skeene during his opening speech at the Hasely Crawford Stadium VIP Lounge.

“Our coaches and players must climb out of their individual and collective comfort zones. If we believe we are good enough, we have to redefine that perspective.

The club owners and management staff, the Board of Directors, the administrative staff, match commissioners, referees and last but not least, my good self. We must all reengineer our thoughts and attitudes.

It may be a trite cliché but it remains relevant; if it is to be, it is up to us.”

The 2012-2013 League Championship kicks off on Friday 14 September with a double header at the Hasely Crawford Stadium when St. Ann’s Rangers takes on 2010-2011 winner Defence Force from 6pm and two hours later (8pm), Caribbean Football Union Club Championship winner, Caledonia AIA will take on North East Stars.

On Saturday Round One Match Day One continues with Police FC against last season’s electrifying debutant and runner-up, T&TEC FC, from 5pm.

Meantime Central FC’s opening championship fixture against defending champion, W Connection, is set for Tuesday 2 October due to the Couva based club’s CONCACAF Champions’ League commitment.

“In striving to improve significantly we must embrace change and new ideas,” continued Skeene. “It is no longer about an insular look at things but each and every day we must demand of ourselves answers to the fundamental question: That is, are we doing enough to ensure that the TT Pro League is an exciting, high quality experience for our fans and those who we want to encourage to attend games?

What I am saying is that this season we have to accept full responsibility for improving every aspect of what we do and offer to T&T.”

The former T&T striker said that this is the season when every stake holder in the TT Pro League must respond to every single challenge with clear minded determination. He echoed, “Hard work beats talent that will not work hard all the time.”

Digicel (Trinidad and Tobago)Sponsorship and Promotions Manager, Wendy Alleyne spoke on behalf of the League title sponsor saying, “Digicel is proud to continue its partnership with the TT Pro League , an organization which has clearly demonstrated its commitment to elevating and advancing the sport of football while providing opportunities for local players to develop themselves and talents on a national level.

The Digicel Pro League as now gained the reputation as the place where the nation’s best compete and this year is no exception. We take this opportunity to commend the league and its officials for their efforts and look forward to a thrilling, exciting talent-filled 2012-2013 season.”

Skeene praised the mobile network company for its ongoing commitment saying, “In 2009, our partner and title sponsor, Digicel joined the quest to develop, grow and nurture a sustainable professional football league. Their support, guidance and sharing of ideas have proven that Digicel understands the difference between sponsorship and partnership. They understand mutual respect for brand values and brand equity.”

Digicel also made a play further up field by unveiling artwork for an official Cooler Fridays’ mascot.

Alleyne said, “While the focus is undoubtedly on the field, we also believe that there is an entertainment aspect that we are aiming to build on. With this in mind we will be further supporting the (Super) Fridays and (Fiesta) Saturdays that were launched last season. We will not have an official Cooler Fridays mascot who will be the guru of the Digicel Pro League—always equipped with trivia on players, teams and of course Digicel paraphernalia.”

The League also took the opportunity on Thursday to recognize past T&T Men’s Senior Team captains Everald ‘Gally’ Cummings, Selris Figaro, Angus Eve and Clayton Morris by presenting the former players with a League Season Pass each.