Thu, Aug


No change has been reported in the situation between Central FC playmaker Marvin Oliver and the club’s administration, according to club chairman Brent Sancho in a brief interview with the Express yesterday.

Oliver was scheduled to meet with the club last week Thursday to come to an agreement regarding a dispute that started because of his lack of playing time, and eventually culminated with reports in the media that the club had released him. According to Sancho, the player had not attended the first meeting, citing that he had “other things to do”.

The meeting was postponed to Monday, which Oliver also did not attend according to the chairman. “He didn’t show up and we haven’t heard anything from him,” he said. “So we’d probably send the information to the Pro League, and hopefully get some resolution.”

Sancho went on to say that the club was disappointed about the actions Oliver took as a contracted player. “Hopefully common sense will prevail,” he said. “We have rules and regulations at the club... he’s made a decision on his own without having made any proper dialogue with the club so we will have to take the necessary disciplinary action as we deem fit.”

Sancho made no indication that his club will look for a replacement for Oliver before the transfer window closes. “We’re always looking to bolster the squad, and continue to do so,” he said. “We would not sign anybody unless we believe they would contribute in a significant way to the club.

For the past five or six games we’ve been undefeated, we’ve been playing some of the best football we’ve played all season.

We’ve seen players now step up and we’re giving them the opportunity to play and whoever needs to come in has to have the ability or least the potential of at least unseating the ones who are currently starting.”

Regarding the action on the pitch, Sancho could not be happier about the current form of the “Couva Sharks”. “We’ve changed things in a significant way in the way that we train and the way that we do our business on and off the field.”

Sancho indicated that the club seems to be moving forward in spite of the recent controversy, stating that new sponsors will be coming on board, as well as a verbal agreement for a possible partnership with a Championship club in England.

“We already have a verbal agreement,” he said. “So we are on our way hopefully to putting pen to paper with this partnership which will now see us a potential feeder club for this club in England.”