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The 3rd Form Trinity College East student is also part of the exclusive group of 15 yr olds to debut in the T&T Pro League.

How did you get involved in football?
Well my dad was a Strike squad player & I guess ever since I could walk or even see a ball I fell in-love with that sport called football.

(Strike squad, was the name given to our NT in 1989, who were one win shy of qualifying for the 1990 World Cup)

Miss about playing in SSFL?
One thing I miss was the feelings of playing in an East Zone final alongside a lot of high quality senior players like Kerdell Sween.

Feel debuting in Pro League at a young age?
I was very thankful for the opportunity to represent Jabloteh in the league. To the people that pushed me from the start & stuck with me through the rough times, I am grateful & appreciate everyone. Also for the opportunity I was given to show my talent to the audiences. I'm also thankful for my coaches & players for trusting and believing in me & allowing me to show them what I have to offer to T&T Pro League.

Who stuck with you throughout your career so far?
My Dad stuck with me through thick & thin & he will always support me no matter what. He is not only my dad he is like my big brother, he is with me almost 24/7 any & anywhere and I love & appreciate him for that. #thanksdadforeverythingyoudidforme

How did you end up playing for Jabloteh?
After I was like 12 years old I started to play with a team called Blast in Arima and after a year with them I joined up with Jabloteh so that I could play youth pro league and ever since I was with them.

Nicknames on the team?
They call me young Marvin, Faustin or Young Faustin.

Player you model your game after?
I don’t like to model one person on how I play, but I look up to Neymar for his overall performance. People say i play like him in the middle and attacking 3rd of the field. Then people say I cross and take the ball like my dad, who is always my role model and people also say I defend like Nélson Semedo.

Thanks Jaheim for sharing! With diligence & an already strong support system - you can make it!