Sat, Jul


United's head coach, Peter Granville told the Tobago News that he has carded trial sessions at central grounds in Windward and Leeward Tobago to make it easy for any player who is interested and believes he has the talent to play at the professional level to attend.

Granville said that he is hoping to attract a larger pool of Tobago players for the 2010 season as they continue to play their part in the development of football in Tobago.

The trial sessions will kick off at the Speyside recreation ground on Monday from 4.30 p.m and one and a half hour later, at 6.30 p.m they will host another session at the Goodwood recreation ground.

On Tuesday, there will be a session at the Mt. Gomery recreation ground from 4.30 p.m and on Wednesday the final session will be at the Dwight Yorke Stadium training ground, in Bacolet from 4.30 p.m.

However, there will be an open house session at the Dwight Yorke Stadium training ground on March 13 for players who missed the other sessions. The Pro League also mandates that each Club field teams in the Under 14, 16 and 18 Divisions but United, though fulfilling the mandate is represented by Trinidad teams in these Divisions because it is too much of a financial strain on their coffers to field teams themselves.

Granville added that he would like the Tobago Football Association executive to accept his offer of fielding teams in the Divisions under the auspicies of Tobago United though he believes the present economic situation will make it difficult for them too.

However, if they are unable to field full teams, he said that they can send at least five players from each Division to train on weekends and play with Skys Coaching School, which represents them in the Divisions and he believes this will be good exposure for the young players. Accommodating Tobago players is one of the conditions Granville has imposed on Skys Coaching School to represent United.

Also, there is a Reserve Division for Under 20 players that can utilise four senior players per team and he strongly argues that the TFA executive should seize this opportunity to expose some players especially if they cannot field teams or send players to compete in the other Divisions.