North East Stars_2010 team.DIRECTV North East Stars will be bringing additional seasons greetings to the children of the Casa de Carazon orphanage in Sangre Grande this Christmas.

Children from the MaltaCarib North East Stars coaching school will be collecting food items to be delivered to the orphanage. The collection will take place on Saturday 18th December at Ojoe Rd, where the children will be taking part in their last coaching session before the Christmas break.
The collection was inspired by the Warrior Nation (Soca Warriors Supporters Club - http://www.thewarriornation.com) and their sister website the Soca Warriors Online, www.socawarriors.net, who have an annual food collection for those people in need at Christmas. The annual collection began in 2007 when members collected food for FEEL (Foundation for the Enhancement and Enrichment of Life).  In addition to food, they were also presented with a cheque in the amount of $2,000 TTD. In 2008, the recipients were the Philips childrens home in Couva.
Last years bumper collection of food was shared between 10 families in need throughout the country.
Nigel Myers, one of the founders of Warrior Nation said " Socawarriors.net is one way for  us Trinis living abroad to keep in touch with events back home. Although it is primarily a football site, it has evolved to cover other sports and often discussions about everyday life in Trinidad & Tobago. With 3,244 members and over half a million posts, the site is a valuable addition to the fabric of football in T&T."
Another co-founder, Flex Mohammed said "We realised that even though many of our members live abroad, at Christmas our thoughts turn to home. We decided that we could help those in need back home in some small way. Its heartwarming to see that Trinis abroad have so much generosity."
North East Stars Operations Director, Kevin Harrison said " I actually joined Warrior Nation when I lived in England and found it an essential source of information on football in T&T, as well as other countries.

This years food collection is being donated to the Sylphil Home in Love, in Scarborough, Tobago. We felt this was such a good idea that we wanted to be involved. However, when possible, North East Stars always tries to support the Sangre Grande and North East communities. Nigel & Flex agreed to allow us to start a 2nd collection for the Casa de Carazon, for which we are extemely grateful."
North East's C.E.O. Brent Sancho said "I have been a member of Warrior Nation for several years now, so I am very grateful that the members have allowed us to use their project to assist children in Sangre Grande. This is a true indication of how football can come together for the benefit of those less fortunate than ourselves. I would like to urge corporate T&T and all Trinibagonians to get behind the Warrior Nation food collection. Just one tin or packet of food from everyone would bring a real change to the lives of these children"
Mohammed said "We are delighted to be supported by a Pro League team, particularly DIRECTV North East Stars who have performed exceptionally this year in supporting their community with various events as part of the Digicel ProLeagues HOPE project."
"Anyone interested in donating food or making a monetary donation should log on to www.socawarriors.net and contact one of the administrators." said Myers. "All donations will be listed and pictures of the parcel deliveries will be posted on the site"
North East Stars Events Coordinator, Khaty Martin-Jones said " Myself and the senior players are so pleased to be supporting Casa de Carazon. We visited the orphanage earlier in the year and were very moved by the bravery and positive attitudes of the children there. I am especially pleased that the children attending our MaltaCarib coaching school will be involved. Its important at this time of year for children to appreciate their good fortune and recognise that there are other people less fortunate than themselves."
Anyone wishing to donate food or donations can do so between 9am-11.30am on Saturday 18th December at Ojoe Rd Recreational Ground, Sangre Grande, or email Kevin Harrison at kh.northeaststars@gmail.com, Nigel Myers at nigelmyers@gmail.com or log on to www.socawarriors.net  and contact an administrator, Inshan "Flex" Mohammed, or any other.