Sun, Jul


Joe Public forward Andre Toussaint focused the attention on his teammates and coaching staff following the team’s 1-0 win over W Connection last Friday in the Final of the Digicel Pro Bowl at the Marvin Lee Stadium.

“I think this (victory) says a lot about the staff and players,” he said.

Toussaint, who joined Joe Public in 2009 from W Connection, haunted his former club throughout the Final and his early strike in the 11th minute proved the winner.

The talented forward also picked up the individual awards for the Most Goals (3) during the tournament and the tournament MVP.

Toussaint preferred to respond on his team’s overall performance rather than his own, saying, “It’s a good feeling knowing that the young players we have also stepped up to the Final. We knew that it was going to be tough, but now it’s a good feeling (to celebrate) for coach, staff and everyone else.”

Toussaint is one of four senior players—the others being goalkeeper Marvin Phillip, midfielder Hayden Tinto and defender Carlyle Mitchell—surrounded by much younger players such as Keion Goodridge, Micah Lewis, Kareem Moses, Aubrey David, Jevon Morris, Kareem Young and Marvin Manswell that made up head coach Rajesh Latchoo’s starting lineup against Connection on Friday.

Latchoo, who served as assistant to coach Derek King in the 2010-2011 First Citizens Cup win, has been in charge of the Lions for the Toyota Classic (which they failed to defend after being booted out in the first round) and in only his fourth match as interim head coach, the 26 year old led his side to Digicel Pro Bowl wins over Police FC (quarterfinal round), Caledonia AIA (semi-final round) and W Connection (Final) to lift the title.

Toussaint hopes that the club will take notice of what has been achieved by a very young team with next season in mind.

“It’s really good for us,” continued the 29 year old Toussaint.

“Joe Public is the only club to take two titles this season and it’s a good opportunity for the young players to market themselves for next season and (I hope that) the owners will give them something that they deserve.”

Joe Public also did well in this season’s Digicel Pro League Championship finishing third under then head coach Derek King, despite failing to defend the title.

Unfortunately a third place finish couldn’t book the Lions into the Caribbean Football Union Club Champions Cup in 2011.