Wed, Aug


National women’s footballers Maylee Attin-Johnson and Kenya Cordner are currently playing their trade in the United States for the Issaquah Soccer Club in the Women’s Premier Soccer League.

The club is off to a promising start this season, winning two of its first matches. Many of the players and staff come from diverse areas and age-groups. The club consists of three international players; the ages of the team players range between 18 and 30.

Johnson netted her side’s opening goal in first half of the match of their 2-0 win over Portland Rain at Skyline High School, earlier this month. Issaquah club director Jimmy Ball said he felt passionate about what the team represented in the Issaquah area.

“I just want the young girls of this area to see that in soccer you can play at every level and have the opportunities to play at stadiums full of people,” he said.