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Senior Women Players Receive Retainer Contracts from TTFA.

The Trinidad and Tobago Football Association is pleased to announce a new contract agreement with members of the National Senior Women’s Team.

Eight players will be accommodated under a four-tier contract system which has seen the players offered one year contracts.

The TTFA believes that the new agreement reflects the importance the local governing body places on Women’s football and the National Women’s Team. The arrangements are a result of constructive negotiations between all parties.

Under the retainers, the players will receive regular monthly income. It is aimed at improving conditions for local players while creating a talent pool conducive to the National Team challenging for success at international tournaments and World Cup qualification.

The Eight players from the current Senior Women’s Team chosen are captain Tasha St Louis, Mariah Shade, Dernelle Mascall, Patrice Supervise, Natasha St Louis, Annalis Cummings Anastasia Prescott and Ayana Russell.

The overseas-based players have not received retainer contracts but will get allowances when invited to training camps and will benefit from the match fees offered for international matches. Student athletes based in North America or elsewhere also do not qualify for the retainer contracts.

The Senior Women’s squad is selected by Head Coach Carolina Morace who ranks the players on their performance in national team competition duties and camps

“This agreement is a significant step towards the development of a professional career path for our best women footballers. Female players at national level devote a huge amount of time and energy to their football and this move recognises their commitment and contribution to the women’s game” stated TTFA President David John-Williams.

“We are still working towards the day when this country’s women footballers will be able to earn a full-time, professional living from the sport,” he added.

T&T Senior Team player Shade describe the new development as a significant one for the women’s game.

“I believe that this is something very positive for us because I’ve been playing with the national team since I was thirteen and we have been working so hard and not really reaping any awards and this is something we can be confident about in that we have security.

“A lot of of us don’t have jobs, we have degrees but we dedicate most of our life to football. So now we can feel confident that we can take care of business on the field and then outside we also have something to work with. It is something good for the programme and the future of women’s football,” Shade said.

Arin King, one of the overseas-based players was also delighted with the new step.

“We made history wth these retainers contracts. It’s just stability. A lot of people do not know that women have it very hard. In the Men’s game they are getting pro contracts and having a foundation with a salary. But sometimes we come to practice on a hungry belly. For the women it’s just great to have that stability and taking the programme to a next level with this,” King said.

The Women’s Senior Team drew 0-0 with Venezuela on Sunday and will face off again on Wednesday from 7pm at the Ato Boldon Stadium.

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