Mon, Dec


Trinidad and Tobago Women’s Senior Team head coach Carolina Morace welcomed a few of this country’s United States based players into the national team’s training sessions this month.

And with the pool of players increasing, Morace arranged for a few training matches to be played against local boys teams in order to have her players active in game situations. The current Senior Team players have been training up to three times weekly for the majority of this year so far.

“This month we saw the return of players from the USA during their summer or college break. Therefore we scheduled matches against the boys teams here in Trinidad to have some local game situations The matches are to get the players into the rhythm of the game and we have seized this opportunity to have them active,” Morace told TTFA Media on Monday after observing the first set of training games last weekend.

Morace said she will be looking at options to balance the playing time of the players throughout the year due to the fact that the Women’s Football League (WoLF) is only for a three-month period.

“The summer period goes until the end of July so we are hoping to be able to see more players and to finish this period with International matches.

“I have seen some new players that now add to the pool of players that are able to be selected and there are more players that I am still waiting to see which is necessary for us to have a better idea of what our best selection can be for international football.

“What is important is the players overseas have to realise what the international level is like and they have to prepare themselves physically to be ready to compete when called to duty,” Morace added.

Some of the US-based players currently back home include Victoria Swift, former Under 20 player Maya Matouk and Jenelle Cunningham among others.