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T&T’s all-time leading goal scorer for the Women’s National Football Team, Kennya Cordner, has an exceptional eye for goal no matter which part of the world she is playing in, and this year was no different for the star striker from Speyside, Tobago.

“I turned 29 years old in November, which is considered the peak age for a footballer, and it really showed for me. I scored 13 goals in Dallas, and 17 goals in Paraguay, which showed that I am in great shape as a forward because I have been scoring goals” she told Guardian Media Sport.

“Yaya” as she is more commonly known in local circles, played one part of her footballing season with Football Club Dallas Women’s, where she finished as one of three leading goal scorers in the Women’s Premier Soccer League, and the other part with Sportivo Limpeño, which competes in the Primera Division B (the second division of Women’s Professional Soccer) in Paraguay.

When she reflected on the experience of playing in Paraguay, she had mixed feelings about the adventure to Limpio, Paraguay.

She described the trip as a great opportunity to advance her footballing profile and skills, but for her personal life, the Paraguayan lifestyle was one that did not mesh with her interests.

“The conditions were not what I expected from a third-world country. I did not allow it to affect me that much, but I was living with five girls and the lifestyle wasn’t one that I wanted to be a part of,” she self-confessed.

The forward, who is currently enjoying her off-season back in T&T, after an extended footballing year for both club and country, is anticipating a quiet Christmas season.

“I’m looking forward to relaxing, going to the beach, hanging out with friends, and just taking it easy until the football season starts again,” she said.

“Yaya” stated that she will use the allotted time off to reflect on her past season and deliberate both her club and international futures for the upcoming seasons.

“I have a lot of offers on the table to go out again and play, I can’t really say as yet because I still have to decide on which one of the teams I want to play with, and as for the national team, as the year turns over I will make a decision on whether I will return,” the player who wears number 19 stated.

Originally published in the Trinidad and Tobago Guardian