Waldrum writes to TTFA: I can take over the women’s programme.

FORMER head coach of the T&T senior national women’s team Randy Waldrum has written to the TT Football Association to express his interest in rejoining the team, saying he is “not too concerned with his financial package” if he is to be considered and that there are prerequisites that come with his offer.

“As the former women’s national team coach of Trinidad and Tobago, I have obviously followed the situation very closely since leaving there after the last World Cup qualifiers,” he wrote in an email directed to the TTFA hierarchy on Monday.

“I love your country and more importantly the players in the program, so I would certainly entertain the possibility of returning to coach the team again.”

Waldrum said he wants the assurance that he can take the programme, after the upcoming Concacaf Women’s Championship, through to the next World Cup qualification.

“As I said, there is little hope for this one, so I wouldn’t want to take the team now for the next month, only to fail in qualifications and then be done once again as the coach. Had we stayed on after the last World Cup with the plan and path forward for the next four years, the team would not be in this situation now.”

Among the other stipulations he said was adequate financial backing of the TTFA for the players to participate in year-round training and international friendly matches.

“I’m not so concerned about my personal financial compensation; however, I would expect a stipend while working for the team.

“I did this the last time on a volunteer basis, but feel that we should all be professionals with compensation for our time.”

He said, like with Jamaica’s women’s team, he wants the ability to raise funds for additional money needed for the programme.

“They (Jamaica) run the programme without interference from the federation, and I’d want the same.

“As for the timing, I’d look at this right away as you are in need immediately as I understand it, or it may make more sense to have someone local take the team through this qualification, and then bring me on board after that is over. That way we could implement our long-term programme for the team, without any distractions.”

He said someone with his commitment–one without political interference–has the ability to lead a team which “could be one that makes the country proud again.”

“We had the largest jump in the FIFA rankings of any nation in history while we were there the last cycle, and I know with hard work we can make this programme into a CONCACAF power. Some of the other Caribbean teams are already making these strides such as what we see with Haiti,” Waldrum wrote.

Waldrum, who is head coach of the University of Pittsburgh’s women’s team, led T&T to the 2014 CFU Women’s Caribbean Cup hosted here. He and the T&T women’s team were also minutes away from qualifying for the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup.