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Karyn Forbes calls on Women Warriors to develop personal fitness.

NATIONAL women’s senior football captain Karyn Forbes is encouraging her players to work on their personal development and not depend on the T&T coaching staff to maintain a level of fitness.

Forbes led the team to a 1-1 draw against the Dominican Republic in San Cristobal, Dominican Republic, on Tuesday.

On Friday, in the first match of the two-match series Dominican Republic defeated T&T 2-1.

On Wednesday, speaking to members of the local media following the second encounter, Forbes said, “Definitely of course we would have liked to come out with the win, but unfortunately that did not happen and I think it is part of the process moving forward.” However, the captain was proud of the effort in the match, saying, “Definitely an improved performance.

“In terms of preparation, we have new players and it is always difficult (to gel immediately), but at the end of the day we have to take it one step at a time and keep moving.”

Forbes said the Dominican Republic are now a challenging opponent compared to past years.

“When I saw Dom Rep play it shows me clearly that all the countries are improving and if we don’t improve we will be left behind and that is in all aspects.

“I think that they have improved a lot from playing them six, seven years ago.”

Forbes called on her players to take personal responsibility for their development.

“I think it was a really good test for us and for the girls to understand that we can’t only wait until it comes to the national set-up in order to prepare ourselves.

We have to come with some level of fitness because time is getting closer (to the 2023 FIFA World Cup qualifying campaign) and it is only so much the coaches and the staff at the national team could do. We have to understand what is at stake.”

Forbes is developing her leadership qualities by getting feedback from her teammates.

“Definitely more room for improvement.

“This is something new for me.

“I actually met with a couple of the younger players just to hear what is their take on the camp thus far…to me personally because I am now getting into this role I am actually trying to work little by little in improving. I think I am not doing too bad, but again there is always room for improvement.”

Rhea Belgrave, who scored the goal for T&T in Tuesday’s encounter, is enjoying the team vibe.

“I think the atmosphere around the team is pretty well. The idea is for us to just get accustom to each other, make sure we enjoy what we doing firstly and then build that chemistry…of course we have new players coming in and going out.

“It is just a matter to enjoy each other’s company, to build that cohesiveness on and off the field which will be great for us moving forward.”

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