Ahkeela Mollon on the attack.On Wednesday the 23rd of June Trinidad and Tobago national senior women's team player Ahkeela Darcel Mollon will be signing on to play with top Swedish team Jurgardens IF.

Jurgardens IF is currently in their 12 seasons in the Women's Premier Division, Damallsvenskan.

Ahkeela said: "It's a dream coming to reality to be able to play for such a big club and move to such a big city like Stockholm".

"I remembered being around fourteen years off age, when I would fantasize about playing with some of the best female footballers in the world and now it's about to happen on another level".

"I've been playing Division one which is also a very high level of football in Sweden, women football in Sweden goes all the way down to division six, but now to make the transition to the Premier Division is exactly what I needed and in every way shows me how hard I have worked to move up the ranks".

"From playing in Trinidad (school/club teams) then playing in the United States (University & club teams in the W-L), to finally ending up in one off the coldest country in the world and applying three years off my life is truly fantastic".

"First in the division two league and winning the division two title and seeing my team get promoted to division one which by the way is now a force in division one was a great achievement now on Wednesday opening a new door to play in the Premier league is a dream come true added Mollon".

"Moving from an amazing team like Kvarsvedens Ik, especially during the middle off my season, such steps are vital at times for the benefit off a player".

"I will be featured in my last game for Kvarsvedens IK on Wednesday when we take on our old rivalry Gustufs, very intense game since we both are located in the same town".

"I will be recognized by the club in front off the supporters for my 3 years service to the club, and have a chance to meet with the fans after, in which they will have the opportunity to say their good lucks and best wishes".

"As I look back on my eleven years of playing football, a sense off pride always consume me because my journey thus far have been one off transition, I went up the ladder from the very start, taking no short cuts, working hard, putting in the extra work to be able to one day play at such a high level and put my country on the map for women football".

"We have so much on the men side doing it at international level and very little on the women side. Now I can continue to be an example to the younger ones that they too can one day play in Europe in the Premier league and over come all the obstacles there is to achieving your goals in football".

"I will suit up in "blue and white" on the 4th of July, which will be my Premier game for Jurgardens IF against Malmo the team that sits on top off the Premier league".

"What an introductory game already and I am up for the challenge. After that game the season goes on a break which I will then return to Trinidad to train with the national team as we prepare for the CAC games in Puerto Rico from the 17th of July - 1st of August, before returning to Sweden to join my new team".

"Known by many as “ladylatapy“, I would love to take this opportunity to say thanks to my Mom and Dad, Wilma & Eric, for always believing in me, my community and all the guys in Longdenville that never said no to me joining them on the field".

"Also, I would love to say thanks to all of my friends and past teammates, all of my coaches along the way, my fiancé Walter Moore for being such a vital support system in my life and most importantly God because without him none of these opportunity would have been possible, ended Mollon."

Extra facts
Name: Ahkeela Darcel Mollon
Birth Date: April 2nd 1985
Years Playing: 11 years
Position: Outside Right Midfield
Years Playing With Kvarsvedens: 2008-2010 (mid season)
Amount off Goal For Kvarsvedens IK: 38 goals for the 3 seasons
Accomplishments: Won Division 2 (2008), First year in Div 1 2009 top 4 finish, All tournament team 2008 & 2009, Top goal scorer 2008 & 2009