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National Senior Women’s Team player Ahkeela Mollon describes the appointment of Carolina Morace as Head Coach and Director of Women’s football as a major step by the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association.

The 31-year-old Mollon, a player for this country at the Under 17, Under 20, Under 21 and Senior level is one of the more exciting and experienced members of the National Women’s Programme and has also played professionally in Sweden.

She was among a group of players who underwent a training session with Morace at the Hasely Crawford Stadium during the coach’s visit to this country last month. Mollon also pointed out that she was hugely excited to work under a female head coach for the first time in her career as a national player.

“I am really excited to see what a brilliant footballing mind like Carolina Morace will bring to the table for women’s football here in Trinidad and Tobago. It will be the first time in the history of Trinidad and Tobago football, that a female coach is in charge at a senior level, well at least since I have been around, which is like 18 plus years,” Mollon told TTFA Media on Tuesday.

“This signing by the TTFA is a major plus to the women’s game here in Trinidad and Tobago, to bring in a female coach with so much wealth of experience, not only as a coach but a former player herself. I am sure much more players and individuals would share my sentiments when I say, this was the best move done by TTFA to strengthen to  structure to the women’s game.

“We have seen in the past what the women’s programme was able to achieve with the players and past coaches . All have contributed and continue to contribute to putting Trinidad and Tobago women’s football on the map and I honestly believe by heading over the baton to such a well qualified and passionate coach like Morace can only be nothing less than exciting and positive news for women’s football in our country.”

Mollon added that the appointment of Morace is a clear indication that women football is being respected in this country more than ever before.

“I think it means a brand new way of  thinking for women’s football for the players and onlookers and exposure to a whole new philosophy of the game. Coach Morace has coached all over the world, played as well,  so what she can bring to the local game here in Trinidad and Tobago is a whole new concept off how we view the women’s game here in Trinidad and Tobago.

“ I am pretty sure, a top level coach like herself, who holds a UEFA pro license will bring and should bring to our football, the footballing science that is necessary in playing the game, which is so badly lacking in our football. I am foreseeing her trying to instil an holistic approach to implementing a proper structure for the women’s game, or else she wouldn’t have accepted the job. We must  therefore capitalise on this opportunity and soak in all the knowledge we can on and off the field.

Mollon also gave her impressions of her brief interaction with Morace during the session which was held in the evening period at the Hasely Crawford Stadium.

“She seems very tough,” Mollon said with a bit of a laugh “which is good because the women’s game needs that right now, especially getting the toughness from someone, not just someone but another female who has been through it and now has the opportunity to be in a coaching capacity, to try and equip other players like us with that same toughness in order to be great .

“It’s also good to hear a fresh voice for a change, not just a voice but a voice that can help players develop their game. I am sure if you ask any player who was part of the session they will tell you how the drills forced us to think a lot. The drills were cognitive, forcing us to think and football is not just about skills but the ability to problem solve. I saw this as a big, big plus because it will help to develop our mindsets.

“During the session the players seem very upbeat and excited, maybe because they know that now there is someone standing in front of them, who is a success story and was able to go Canada and transform the women’s game there and take that country to a World Cup. I am sure they are thinking once they put in ‘100’, the TTFA continues to put in ‘100’, then they will rally 100 percent with the coach towards making France World Cup qualification a reality for all,” Mollon ended.

The FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019 will be staged in France and will include twenty-four countries from the six confederations.