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The Trinidad and Tobago Under-15 women football team is currently in training for the inaugural Summer Youth Olympics, which is scheduled to take place in Singapore from August 14 to 26. Coach of the team is Marlon Charles.

He pointed out, in a recent interview that the move is in the interest of development. “It’s a lot of work to be done in every area,” added the veteran coach.

“For now it’s all about development and trying to get them an understanding of what the game is all about basically.” Charles stated that the window is still open for players seeking to make the squad. “I’m still looking for players, who were born in 1995, either goalkeepers or outside players,” he said.

“I’m leaving the door open because it’s an opportunity for these kids at this age to represent their country. “And if there are kids out there, somewhere in Trinidad and Tobago, that plays, has the ability to play and are at the age, I’ll welcome that.”