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Simply Futbol: How old were you when you started playing football?
Darya: I was around 12/13 when I started playing football.

SF: What was your inspiration to play the Beautiful game?
Darya: My sister Dani was my inspiration at that time in my life, I would do everything that my sister did, and she played football. So I joined because of her, and also my cousin was used to play for a team and was the captain, I guess I was a follow fashion kid........

SF: Who is your favorite Player? Why?
Darya: I would have to say Petr Cech is my favorite player, because after all his intense injuries, he inspires me to keep going no matter what.

SF: How does it feel to become a National Player?
Darya: Becoming a National Player is an extraordinary feeling, representing all the people you pass by pushes you to do your best!

SF: Who would you like to publicly thank for this opportunity?
Darya: I would like to thank my Coach Jason Spence, and all the National U-15 Coaches who have worked with me to make me become much better, and My MOM for always being there, pushing me and supporting me!

SF: Where do you think Football can take you?
Darya: I think it can take me to College abroad and many different countries.

SF: What are your present goals and aspirations re Football?
Darya: My goals are to get better, and to keep giving my best and much more, I also want to get a scholarship to study abroad.

SF: How has Football changed your life in general?
Darya: Well ....... I hardly have a social life that's for sure (she laughs), but in the end it's all worth it. It helped me meet a lot of people, and it also helped to create life-long friendships.

SF: What is your most embarrassing football moment?
Darya: hmmmmmm, it was when I got the most embarrassing goal of all time, The ball went straight through my legs and scored, ...................... now that was embarrassing.

SF: What is your best memory so far?
Darya: My best memory was the 1st game I ever played, I had just gone to support Dani (my sister), who was playing. They needed a goalkeeper, my sister volunteered me ....... and all of a sudden I had on a jersey and gloves that were too big for me .... I was put into the goal, and no I didn't save all, but I saved some and that kept me going.

Darya Rodriguez is currently with the Trinidad & Tobago U-15 Girls team that is preparing for the Youth World Olympic Games in Singapore, she represents St Francois girls at the College level, Jason Spence Soccer Academy, and is a We Are Futbol(TT) Player. We wish her and Trinidad & Tobago all the best in Singapore!